EQ resets when switching to Neural mode

When using DJay Pro for iPad in 4 deck mode, and you have certain decks with EQ settings set, the EQ values seem to reset for all decks when switching to Neural mix mode.

I feel that EQ settings should be maintained especially if you are already “in the mix” as resetting it changes the audio output for the track that is playing unexpectedly.

Maybe there is a setting for this? I already have set DJay to remember EQ settings when loading new songs.

Thank you for your feedback.

Could you point out more about your workflow with Neural Mix? Are you using the Neural Mix EQ in conjunction with a controller? When you are want to use an EQ is the Neural Mix Tool section also accessible and working as a Neural Mix tool for you?

Hi Lukas. I am in 4 Decks mode using the mixer controls on screen (no controller). I have set the EQ for a track. When I choose “Neural Mix” in the mixer channel dropdown the mixer resets my EQ settings for that channel.

That should not happen. See image below for what I am doing. Thanks!


This also happens with Reloop Buddy. You can press Shift + Cue buttons to switch between EQs and Neural mix, but both reset as you switch them, making them unusable.

Phil Morse from Digital DJ Tips highlighted that on his review:

Screenshot 2021-02-14 at 03.45.48

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