Equalizer functionality?

Hi all, wondering if anyone can help…

I’ve recently purchased some Alto active PA speakers for smaller gigs, I’m connecting them directly via XLR to a Rane one controller which is connected to an iPad running Djay.

The speakers don’t have any EQ controls, so I’m looking for a way to adjust the overall EQ settings without having to buy a mixer.

Is this possible on djay? I’m looking for controls that affect the overall frequency’s as opposed to ‘per channel’. So kind of replicating a mixing desk.

Can this be done with another app on the iPad?

questions like this are square in my wheelhouse.

How about an AU equalizer in djay’s Master Effect plug-in slot? a multiband Parametric would be best, rather than a 31-band Graphic.

But truthfully - from a guy who has pushed faders for his living in studios and concert venues around the world for 3 and a half decades now - a hardware solution you plug djay into is likely the best.

something like the Behringer x-air would be overkill for just you…but if you ever get into multi-performer lineups…it has everything you need and more.

if that’s out of budget, you can’t beat picking up a good ol’ analog 31-band stereo equalizer to plug your interface into to tailor the speakers to the venues you play. Like this one:

let me know when you add subwoofers to your rig. That’s when the fun REALLY begins :wink:


You beat me to it @heysoundude

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The NBand EQ would be my choice - 8 fully parametric bands.
Not sure what kind of latency this introduces, though…that’s why you can’t beat a hardware solution.
(Right? or you’d be scratching etc on your ipad screen rather than your controller - same with this)

Either way, be careful! with great power comes great responsibility - just because there are 8 bands to use DOES NOT mean they MUST be used. You can probably get away with 3-4 at most, and I’d suggest broad and gentle boosts/cuts of 6dB and less rather than +/-12dB sledgehammer “adjustments”

a Rule of thumb that I go by is: if the total of corrective system EQ I need to use to get things sounding acceptably good is more than 6dB, there are better solutions (see my earlier subwoofer comment).

another rule for sound systems is “cut out what there is too much of FIRST rather than boosting what there isn’t enough of” but that circles back to my last suggested guideline/rule (and also again, see what I said about subwoofers lol)

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Nice so how can we used it and controlled from hardware controller ?

@Digital_Jedi the Main Out Effect in djay is not something you would control from your DJ controller. Basically, as heysoundude suggests, you adjust the EQ settings in the software to suit your particular sound system and environment then you leave it. It’s not like the EQs on your controller that you’re adjusting for each song or during the mix.

As a very basic example, when you’re doing sound check at your venue, if you determine that the high frequencies in general are too loud or harsh; you can lower those frequencies in the software to achieve the overall sound you’re after.

exactly, what I’m suggesting is that you set an equalizer on the output of djay to better match the music coming through the speakers to the acoustical signature of the room - for instance, as @Slak_Jaw said, if you’re finding you’re reaching to cut the mid frequencies of all the songs in djay, you would add a mid-range cut band to the master effect equalizer.
if you’re boosting the bass to make your speakers thump more, maybe you can just put a wide-band boost on the master effect equalizer…but if you’re finding you need more than 6dB of boost there, you should really be using subwoofers as part of your sound system


isn’t there this on macos?

I don’t know. I don’t use djay on MacOS

these basic Apple AU plugins should be part of the CoreAudio install iirc…or part of any AppleOS install.
if you can’t find them, google how to install them on your device.

I found on macos the equalizers from djay pro mixer menu as you can see in the picture. the problem is that it doesn’t save the settings. As soon as I close the equalizer window the setting is reset. How come?

so don’t close the window - just click on the djay window and keep working…which makes it easy to come back to the equalizer you choose here to get it more finely tuned.

OK, I’ve learned something and I’ve come back to share, thanks to this thread.

The add-on/app mentioned there (AUM) may just replace the digital mixer hardware i posted in another reply in this thread…I’m guessing it depends on how iOS sees the Rane One - if it’s just a controller, ignore me…but if iOS sees the Rane One as an audio interface with ins and outs as well as an integrated control surface…Bob’s your uncle :wink:

Thanks @heysoundude and @Slak_Jaw

I managed to sort it for the gig I did. Happy with the speakers but decided to buy a sub to get the complete sound I was after :blush:

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@Private_Repress good to hear! You’re welcome.

In the words of a favourite TV character, This Is The Way.


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