Question for iPad/iOS AUM users with Djay.

I’m looking into the Reloop Ready to use with my iPad Pro. I currently use AUM for audio production of synths, beats, effects and internal/external midi sequencing. I would like to incorporate Djay into this environment on iOS.

Question: Is it possible to load up Djay as an Inter-App Audio channel inside of AUM? That would be so great if it could work this way. Is AUV3 support limited to effects on the master of Djay (as host)?

may I suggest you make IAA a Feature Request in the appropriate place on here? I’ll throw my support behind it with my two thumbs straight up!

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Hey @eldrizno - It’s great to see you back in the Community again!

Unfortunately, Inter-App Audio is not supported, so this will not work :frowning:

However, as @heysoundude suggested, we encourage you to submit these feature requests in our Suggestions section of the Community (which it looks like you’ve already done :slight_smile:)

Regarding your question about AUv3 Plug-Ins, you are correct that AUv3 support is limited to the Master output.

I hope this information helps! Feel free to reach out here in the Community if you have further questions or suggestions, and have a great day!

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