Error code bugs fix

What is this code

If you are using the music on your local files it means that particular track didn’t transfer over…
I occasionally get that and by re syncing my ipad it generally resolves it.

How can resolve this issue?

are you having this problem when using your iPad/iPhone? I think it’s a glitch in the itunes side of things and not the Djay software because when it happens on my iPad, my Apple music app doesn’t play those tracks either.
For some reason it happens to the same 22 tracks occasionally…
Whenever I sync my iPad, I just check one of the tracks that I know it happens with and if that doesn’t play, then I just re sync it and it works fine…

Me to just this problem and it is what happens on one track on the app mac

Does the track play fine in iTunes on your Mac?

Hi @Cooljackdj,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue with the error code, and thanks for posting a screenshot to show exactly what you’re running into. Thanks to @maurizio_T for sharing your expertise here and helping to troubleshoot this as well! :pray:

The error code you’re getting sometimes pops up when songs are stored in a location different than expected, or if the files were moved recently.

So that we can take a closer look into this, could you please tell me the following:

  1. Does this happen only with this one song shown in your screenshot? And does it only happen when using the iTunes/Music source in djay’s music library?
  2. Are you able to play this song outside of djay without issue, for example, using the iTunes/Music app on your Mac (as suggested by @maurizio_T )?
  3. When did this problem start occurring? Did you recently move your music library or music files that are in this playlist?

Thanks in advance for the additional information!

This issue only happens when I buy music from iTunes show them give me the air code [Error code check, iTunes library it show is in my iTunes

Thanks for the information! Are you able to play the song in iTunes/Music app without any problem? What happens when you try to play the same song outside of djay?

Work no issue on iTunes

That’s different to me, When it happens to me it won’t play in the itunes/Music app.
For me I notice it’s always the same 23 tracks and it happens probably every second or third time I sync my music,
To fix the problem I usually close Itunes and re open it and then Sync again, then I check to see if one particular track that I know has synced. If that has then the rest have.

This only started happening as of a month ago or so when I transfers my complete itunes library from one computer to another.

Hi @Cooljackdj,

Thanks for sharing that information. I’ve seen on the other bug report you opened (Bugs MacBook cover album) that you are currently using the macOS 13.2 beta 2 on your system. I’d just like to say up front that we can’t ensure full compatibility with djay and beta versions of the macOS, and we can’t rule out with 100% certainty the issue you’ve encountered here may be related to the OS version.

That said, could you please share 2-3 song files that you’re using in djay when this issue occurs? This will allow our team to try to reproduce the issue in order to investigate it further. Please go ahead and drop the files here, and let us know when you’ve done so.

Thanks in advance for your assistance troubleshooting this! I’ll look forward to your reply.

MacOS 13.2 has been released the public today I still have issues with the error code

The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error 2003334207.) Still an issue

Thanks for keeping us updated! I’ve just seen that you shared 3 song files with us as well. :pray: I’ve reported all of this information to our Development Team for further investigation, and I’ll keep you updated here with any news.

Thanks in advance for your patience while we look into this!

Currently right now my MacBook is not running any beta yesterday beta rc built for Mac OS 13.2

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Hi @Cooljackdj,

Our team has tried to reproduce this issue with the song files you provided, but we could not reproduce the error code. All of the songs played in djay without issue and without getting this error code.

To troubleshoot further, using the songs you’re running into this issue with, could you please try the following:

  1. Make sure djay is completely closed on your Mac.
  2. Move the affected songs from their current location on your Mac to a new folder. For example, you could create a new folder on your desktop and move the songs there.
  3. Open the Music/iTunes app, then double-click each song in the new folder you created to play it in iTunes. As you’ve reported, the songs should play in the Music/iTunes app without issue.
  4. Launch djay, and go to the Music/iTunes source in the music library.
  5. Locate the previously affected songs in the Music source, and load them in djay.

Could you please let me know if this solves the problem?

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Has did resolved just had to create a new account another user on my laptop talk to Apple support they resolve the issue

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Great to hear that! Thanks for keeping us updated, and feel free to reach out with any further questions.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead!

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