“Exit sync on pause, scratch, or cue jump” ignored in DVS REL mode

  • Device model iPad 9th gen
  • iPadOS 17.4.1
  • Version of djay 5.1.6
  • Hardware/controllers used Rane MP2015

I’m using DVS via my Rane MP2015 with Sync Type set to BPM and Beats, this setting seems to be essential for sync to work when mixing variable-BPM tracks. This is working really nicely in and of itself.

However, it seems as if turning off the “Exit Sync on Pause, Scratch, or Cue Jump” toggle has no effect when in REL mode. I can do a bit of pitch bending with the vinyl and it will tolerate that up to a degree, but even the shortest stop will drop it out of Sync, feels the same as it does with the toggle enabled.

Testing the behaviour on cue jumps makes it very clear that the toggle isn’t doing anything in REL mode. It will always clear the Sync button in REL mode, but in INT mode the toggle acts as expected. Engaging Slip while in REL mode does keep sync while scratching though.

I see this was previously reported by @djcoldswitch here "Exit sync on pause, scratch, or cue jump" setting not respected and seems like they never confirmed the issue was fixed for DVS, so perhaps this was not among the sync improvements in your 5.0.4 release?

Hi @mikeb187, I don’t have a DVS system to check this on so I’ve forwarded it to the engineering team for review. I’ll report back when I have news. Thanks!

Hi @mikeb187, thanks for sharing. The engineering team was able to reproduce this and is working on a fix. It should be addressed in an upcoming djay release. Thanks!

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