Export playlists

Is there any existing feature to export DJay Pro 2 playlists, I guess in M3U files, so that they can be read and used by Apple Music app and DJ hardware equipment like CDJs?
Is there any plan to implement this feature?

For now I cannot use DJay Pro 2 because of that.

Hi @bolino,

Thank you for getting in touch.

At the moment djay Pro 2 supports the History export as CSV files or the export of iTunes tracks played in the History into an iTunes playlist.

It would be great if other export options can be discussed in this thread and if other users can upvote the topic.

Hi @Lukas_E, thanks for answering. Any plan to implement export playlist feature in the future?

Also, regarding history export, I didn’t find how to do it and this topic says it’s not possible anymore Export History for Djay Pro. Did I understand correctly?

Could you share which exact playlist export you are looking for and which is not available at the moment?

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