Exporting history playlist to iTunes or PDF on Djay Pro?

I cannot see anymore the save playlist feature in Djay Pro. Is it still available or not?

While it’s great that both djay 2 (on iPad) and djay Pro now have a persistent history section (so I can see what I’ve played), it would be really useful to be able to export this history to either a text file or as an iTunes playlist. At the moment, I have no way to share my setlists, so this ability would be very useful.

I’ll add my two cents to this. Exporting playlists was a great feature of 4.2.3 and it never crossed my mind that something so basic would be overlooked in djay pro. Not being able to export impacts my efficiency and effectiveness.

I use your software professionally. 4.2.3 paid for itself every time I used it. Between this and other issues I’ve noticed after just one gig, I’m questioning whether it was a good idea to upgrade.

The ability to export a playlist is essential to a professional piece of djay software. Please address this as soon as possible. The fact that the feature is missing is unconscionable, it reflects haste to market a product as professional when it isn’t. So don’t let this list of complaints from folks who paid money for something better and instead got missing features get any longer!

Only restored when you are so generous as to share links for this mythical knowledge. Please tell us how to accomplish this essential missing action.

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How can i export a history session in djay pro for mac?

me too. Used djay pro the first time and liked it very much, but this is a really missing feature.

Do you mean exporting your history to iTunes as a playlist? This is currently not supported but we’re aware of this.

I ́m not buying Djay Pro and will keep using Djay 4 till I switch to another software (and I ́m a HUGE fan) because of this. This simple feature is one of the things that makes (made?) Djay unique.

What a mistake! There are lots of traktors out there… Adding more and more common features and trashing the core of Djay is not definitively a good idea.

Yes, please, Matt.

Hi Lucas

thanks for your reply. I saw your new feature and unfortunately this is not working fine. In fact, it is exporting only part of the djset played during my performance (73 out of more 170 songs played).
I have tried to export as iTunes playlist.

Please review it.


AGAIN: I played only songs from iTunes library.



as workaround I’m exporting twice the same playlist. First time it’s not working, meaning only 73 songs), second time the export work fine (even if sometime Djay Pro crashes).


I learnt the history for a few mixes are actually saved in the app…the feature to convert transfer the list to PDF is missing though, which was handy to edit playlist for mixcloud etc, however mixcloud can seem to detect 80% of my playlist now without entering the info :wink:

still though, i dont see the issue in bringing it in…since the app are already gone through a minor version upgrade already…

Plus, please fix the bug with history. The iOS app does not track the history, when a controller is connected. Please fix it, because I always use it with controller, and I lose all my list of live sessions.

another vote for the ability to export trackless of songs played. its really useful, as someone who uses your software to play at bars and clubs with a certain taste in music, its great to see what you played there last time.

please bring back this feature asap

Please note that djay Pro will not export songs from your history to an iTunes playlist that have been played from Spotify. 
That’s why only a straight Spotify history will be exported completely to a Spotify playlist and only a straight iTunes history will be exported completely to an iTunes playlist.

Did you already check out the trial version of djay Pro? You can get it here:

Rest assured, we are already working on the latest issues! 

Yep this is really frustrating! Until this is addressed, how do you access the persistent history?