Faulty BPM analysis.

Is there a way to re-analyse a track? I just purchased a track from itunes and sadly, the bpm analysis came horribly wrong. Is there any way to re-analyse the track to the right bpm?

I can set up the bpm manually using the tap function, but this is far from ideal as the tracks go out of sync easily.

iTunes’s BPM field is only accurate enough to a nearest integer BPM. Good for sorting, but not good enough for “SYNC” to work. (unless your just cut’in over)

I use Tractor as well, and I think they store all the cue and bpm info in a separate data file similar to djay. But, I don’t think Tractor’s song info talks with djay… it would be great if they did!

I find that songs above 115 bpm and below 135 bpm are consistently analyzed well. Below and above that I find about 50% of the songs are either 1/2 the bpm that I would consider it to be, or just all-out wrong.

When going through the library I can usually tell that it’s the off/ break/ dub-step/ drum’n’base rhythms that seem to throw djay off.

Tractor does a better job, but it too is not perfect. For songs that I’m using for complicated mixes, I’ll need to adjust Tractor’s beat grid to suit my needs.

I’ve got a few ideas specific to djay that would help me… and I hope others?

  • A better manual tap feature: the tap button is a small target. I want something bigger where I worry about the timing of the tap, not my aim.

-Let the tap feature work as an average. If I miss a beat I’ll just try again. But, I’m sure 8 bars of taps is more accurate than 1 or 2 bars? (I think it does use an average now… but only a small window running average…?)

-Allow for a manual entry bpm… or a way to adjust up and down manually by +/- 0.05 bpms

-Create a management tool on the desktop software dedicated to managing all this bpm and cue point mess? I would love to do a little homework on the computer so I could just mix on the iPad…

  • Allow the iTunes BPM field to show up. Mostly I want to sort by BPM, and I’ve already done this work with all my iTunes BPM fields up-to-date. I’ll just beat match from there manually (am I old school?). I don’t need an exact djay bpm analysis… the trouble I have now is that my special playlists for a mix project within iTunes will be sorted differently in djay because i don’t have the iTunes BPM field visible or sortable within djay. (djay sorts by ABC song name or djay bpm)

— while on the suggestion kick… is it at all possible to edit the song’s iTunes info like genre and comments and star rating?.. I would LOVVEEE this…

overall… great… no… amazing app. I had the original Pacemaker as my way to dj while away from my computer. The Pacemaker was revolutionary (still fun to use, and still has some very advanced features)… but its basically obsolete because of this app!.. crazy…


Yes, even though songs around 130 usually analyze well, sometimes they don’t. I’m not sure why? I’m sure the algorithm is complicated and just gets confused from time to time… That’s why humans make better DJs?

The fix is easy enough ONCE you know which song it is. Just tap on the bpm within djay and you’ll see some options, one of which is “tap”…

… The trouble I have with the BPM being wrong with the analysis, is that you have to stumble upon the songs that are wrong.

… I’ve already analyzed all the BPMs on my songs and set up my playlists the way I like… but djay sorts by their own BPM (or “ABC” by song title)… Not the end of the world, but I wish I could just use my iTunes’s BPM to sort… problem solved for me.

(… there are a few desktop software options that you can use to analyze the key and BPM of your iTunes library… BeauTunes is one… it too is not perfect. I then use a program on my mac called “Cadence BPM Tapper” to manually measure songs that are wrong. This little program is nifty in that you play songs right from your iTunes then tap and presto your BPM is updated… This can be time consuming, but at least your listening to music you like? keep in mind that the iTunes BPM field is only an integer, so you just need to be close. It’s more of a field for sorting than what you can use to auto-beat-match)

…Of course, the tap in djay is only as good as your tapping ability… but it get’s close enough even if your not perfect (like me)…

…For these manually tapped songs you will probably need to be a little more active on the push and pull ("+" and “-” buttons) to keep this track beat-matched with your other deck. Or worse yet… you might have to manually adjust the slider!

… That said… the slider can be hard to adjust exactly as you want. A Technics turntable has a very accurate pitch slider that you can ‘pinch’ to fine tune, or even ‘cross-fader-crab’ to push and pull if your fingers are too dirty to touch the vinyl…

… The djay slider is hard to push and then pull back to where you want quickly… it also seems to ‘bump’ slightly as you lift your finger… just take a deep breath and try to stay away from extra caffeine when operating the pitch slider…

again… these are just details for me that would make the app perfect… overall this app is very very good and very very fun to use… I’ve spent a lot of hours on it lately, more so than my real turn tables or Tracktor! what’s the world coming to?

yes… I also vote for a manual entry option… good idea!

I also vote for the option to show more metadata tag fields, and being able to sort by any field. (I’m being greedy because this would help me since my iTunes BPM field is already up-to-date and correct.)

Actually, the desktop version of djay (on my mac book air) seems to do this.

(except that it doesn’t show iTunes’ BPM field, only djay’s BPM field… it would be nice to show both. And it would be even nicer if I could edit any of the fields!)

The problem with using the desktop version of djay is the lack of a touch screen and the iPad is easier to hold when slouching on the couch… that is why the iPad version is so awesome! I have a nice DJ TechTools VCI 100 controller that I use with Traktor… but djay seems best made to touch the screen…

You can use a controller with the desktop djay… but I would just rather use Traktor with my crazy mappings and effects, if I had the time to get all this out… (I’m now a dad with two small kids, so DJ time is a frivolous luxury…)

Tapping is an art… sometimes I have to try a few times. I think the guys at djay could improve the “tap” feature in a couple of ways:
– If the tap was averaged over 8 bars?.. (maybe a user setting?)
– the “tap” button was bigger?.. (it’s hard to hit a small button while nodding my head to the beat)
– maybe the “tap” button could help the algorithm instead of just being a raw tap?

I have this by default. The track was analysed with this. Is it possible to run the analysis again?

The song is called Sacrifice (Original Mix) - Georfe F. Zimmer.

The track has a bpm of approx 125. But Djay registers 156…

Cheers mate!!! that track is driving me craaazy :smiley:

any news ? :smiley:

Hi Carlos,

Please send the song to support@algoriddim.com.

@Lucas: Thank you for helping!

Use the High Precision Analysis in your advance settings!!

Ya. But I doubt it will give you a different Bpm. What song is it? Sometimes songs are just all over the place, fast and slow. It also could be Djay, the only problem I’ve been having is that the BPM would be 65 instead of 130, but all I had to do was just double the Bpm

I’m gonna look into that. I’ll MSG u later today!

Sorry no luck. Same problem

high percision analysis?

All good points. Are we going to hear anything back about this?

Do-able but not very precise - I guess you would have to have a rock-solid bpm’d track on the other turntable

I am getting a similar issue with drum and bass tracks. Djay on the Mac seems to be analysing some of them at 2/3 time, most of the tracks should be 80-85 BPM or 160-170 BPM… but I am getting some at 127 (if my maths is correct that is in the middle of the 2 BPMs they should be).

Roni Size - Brown Paper Bag: djay Mac = 127 BPM / djay iPhone = 85 BPM
Track is taken from same iTunes library in both cases. 85 is the right result.

There needs to be some sort of reset / re-analyse feature on the BPM. Why would different platforms of the app get different results?

It is very hard to mix a track analysed in 2/3rd time…

can’t you just tap in your own bpm as this should just override what the software has calculated.

Is there a way for DJay to use the bpm’s in the iTunes song information? most of my songs already have the bpms but DJay doesn’t use them, it just re-analyzes them.

Is there a way for DJay to use the bpm’s in the iTunes song information? most of my songs already have the bpms but DJay doesn’t use them, it just re-analyzes them.