Filter tracks relative to active deck

I find myself messing about with the library filters a lot to get tracks that will work with the current one. What’d be better is if I could partially automate that process. For example:

  • Show tracks +/- 8% current BPM
  • Update filtered keys to match current song*

* e.g. if I am playing a song in 6A and have filters set for 5A, 6A, 6B, 7A - then if I transition to a track in 7A, the filter keys should update to 6A, 7A, 7B, 8A. Just a simple shift up or down for everything I currently have selected.

Out of the scope of what I’m requesting, but maybe in the future it might then be possible to set automix feature to use a similar system so that it select the next track to play (partially) based on a predefined set of filters.

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Thanks for the suggestion @Algy_Taylor. I agree this would be a great addition. I’ve forwarded the idea to the dev team for consideration.

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Thanks for this suggestion @Algy_Taylor . This is a great suggestion and as a Traktor user I believe this is a huge missing currently in Algoriddim Djay.

I see that you are using the Camelot notation here (6A/6B, etc) that slightly differs from the Open Key notation that Algoriddim uses, but has the same principle.

Please be aware that not only 5A,6A,6B,7A does match harmonically with 6A, but -amongst others- also 1A (=+7) will match match. This is called a one semitone energy boost.

Note that a similar suggestion is also being made already by @Andreas_Haase1 , see here:

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