Filter without resonance

Many DJs use filter to kill bass-line. It is more useful way than using EQ, because bass is occupying different frequency on each track, and by using filter you can tune this frequency exactly, killing everything that is below that frequency. Now Algoriddim use High Resonance Filter that is more useful for creative purposes, but sounds too harsh if you want just kill the bass, because frequency above setting is ‘highlighted’. Please make it not resonant! Or add possibility to turn resonance on/off in settings.

I fully agree. I started to use Djay just to try if it’s worth changing from Traktor to Djay e.g. for it’s Spotify integration. I’m a professional DJ but sometimes I do pop-up shows with very lightweight equipment (phone & Mixtour) but that’s totally useless given these lo-fi EQs and especially these “sound like from a toybox” filters.

I’d love to take Djay on the road instead of Traktor but please, please fix these crappy EQs and filters! Thanks in advance… :slight_smile:

…I was more than happy to read “Improved Filter range and resonance” in your release notes of the 3.2.2 version of the IOS app. Now I tested it and… nothing changed. Really nothing (compared it on two devices, one with 3.2.2 and one with 3.2.1)!

What happened? Did the filter/res update slipped out of your release?

Again: filters without resonance (or better: adjustable resonance) and killable EQs are a must. Not only for “Pro” DJs! 

I agree that this filter on Djay Pro is the worst I’ve heard so far. Either they need to tweak the resonance or they need to add a mappable command to control it manually. For now it sounds so unPro.

Hi Lukas, thanks for getting back to us. Would be nice if at the occasion you made the revamped filter available in the FX list so that we can map it with more flexibility.

Quite a shame Algoriddim hasn’t yet fixed the EQ and Filter quality for so many years.

I’m also thinking about switching to DJ Player Pro. Gabor has been doing some great job (I think all by his own !) though there’s still some learning curve and getting used to to overcome.

Deezer is also an easy switch.

Connect to a PA system, put a track playing and turn the filter to around 25-30 degrees, try to reach full resonance. And listen to the crappy sound it makes.

For the EQ turn them all the way down one by one then all of them and you’ll notice it’s not a full frequency cut.

Take care of your ears in the process.

I tested again the filter a few days ago, hoping there would be improvements.

Still same ear-bleeding resonance on it.

And still no external audio routing support so that we could use a real mixer with its own filters…

Kinda regretted renewing my subscription for Djay.

A good idea would be to Force touch the bass slider to active bass cut off. Then release could reactivate the bass.

Please explain this to me if you have a moment.

I don’t seem to have this problem.

I’d like to know. Please

I do only use the iPad Pro with no 3rd party hardware.
Because if this I’m able to use a few fingers to control volume.

Of course Resonant/Non Resonant filter is matter if taste. Pioneer and Native Instruments mixers have resonant filters. Allen&Heath has sweet non-resonant filter (with option to rise resonance). If Algoridimm DJay falls into category of professional software, it MUST allow option for users. I use DJay professionally and generally I love it, but the only thing that really annoys me is this filter. If you want to be toy-like software for beginners, maybe they will love resonant filters, because it may sound more interesting when you change the frequency, but it is only first impression. Lately in becomes unpleasant.

Thanks guys for “Liking this idea” (especially many of you did in last 3 month), but since Algoriddim never listened, I played all those years with EQ instead of terrible filter (even EQs are not “killi-EQ-type”, at least they are not distorting).

Recently I switched to DJ Player Pro and could not be happier. Sweet sweet sweet filter!!! My mixes/transitions improved incredibly!

If you into Spotify - transferring your playlists to Deezer is automatic. DJ Player Pro is harder to understand and sometimes too complicated, grid is often doesn’t work right, but only filter alone makes it much better alternative. Audio drops are gone on iPhone 8 (was problem with iPhone 5 playing apple lossless audio files). Midi mapping for Beatpad 2 is free, it works, and I plan to upgrade it to better match DJ Player Pro’s current version.

Good luck waiting :slight_smile:

Hey Algoriddim…are you tone deaf? Have you listened to your filter ? It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard and you expect me to pay a subscription every month ?
Not only does the filter sound absolutely awful the EQ is just as bad it sounds like an 8bit fisher price toy. I will post a YouTube video shortly comparing the Serato, Traktor ( 3 Filters),Cross, VirtualDj and Djay. Lukas can you get this to the engineers because I’m not paying for sub standard sound quality.

+1 on FX option. Perhaps separate Low and High Pass with Resonance control and LFO.

I hear you…comparing that to any software filter it sits as the worst filter on any software even MiXX has a better sounding filter and its free! I truly believe that the software engineers have no idea of how its suppose to function! The EQ is bad as well, what are we in the 80’s who doesn’t have kills on the EQ’s? The LP filter setting at about 9 o’clock distorts so bad I turn the bass down a quarter to avoid embarrassment! I went from a Xone DB2 to a Denon MC7000 and this issue makes me regret it every time I use Djay. Serato = Good, Traktor - Good, Rekordbox- good, Virtual - good, Djay = crap

Hey Jay
We have been complains about this for years … they are obviously deaf because of the filter! I cancelled my subscription and went to Traktor. Although they are slow on the updates the mixer section is rock solid and they have some great effects … which Djay is lacking poorly! After I heard they lost Spotify that was it for me. Bestsource is a cash grab and the rest of the streaming is farmy and useless! Good luck!

Hi guys,

We hear you loud and clear. This is on our agenda and we will let you know when there are news.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Nthing. I use Djay Pro on my mac and the only real major bummer is the sound of the hp/lp filter. It’s so so harsh and just sounds cheap. Will pay for improvements!!

Very important request !!! +1

I was not sure how to explain, so +1 for this essential feature 
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