Finally DVS support!!!! Only took you 7 years since I first suggested it to you.

Do all feedback and suggestions take 7 years to implement?

You’re never going to be top if you take this long to implement ideas and suggestions!!!

Disgruntled DJ who ditched Djay because they didn’t react fast enough to DJ needs.

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It’s easy to make a web app where response time is allowed to be “big”, but for dj apps that’s not an option. Some things are hard to learn like audio/hardware/embedded/drivers/graphic engine programming.

And at the moment programmers want to do big data or game development. They are happy to program with java script or python. They don’t really want to learn C / C++ / Objective C.

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Thank you for your post.

Please forgive me if I’m missing your point.

Just for clarification…
Are you saying it to 7 years to implement DVS, because it’s hard to program?

Thank you.

Average programmer learns to do decent web apps, windows native apps, simple phone app in 2-3 years, but to learn to do these topics I would say it is 5-10 years.

If I know these things, I would try to find out job from aerospace, car manufactures or simila very high pay grade and it would be very good in my CV.

And if this is easy thing to do…
why there isn’t Serato/Virtual Dj on iPad or iPhone? Yeah, big boys don’t do it either.

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I think you need to check out this guy…

DJ Player Pro for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

He created an incredible DJ app for iOS about 8 years ago that does DVS.

He puts these so called big players to shame with what he created.

About 2 years ago I tried this DJ Player Pro app built by one guy and it was a total waste of time. It did lots of things and looked impressive but failed to do even basic tasks well and the interface was janky across the board at best. I tried to carefully test/document and offer suggestions for months but nothing would get fixed. One person can’t create comprehensive and useable software for tons of hardware and use cases and succeed over the long haul. It takes a solid company with deep funding and a large team to make something like djay fly (which it does beautifully for both advanced and beginner users).

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Thank you for the clarification and breakdown of the programming world. It really does sound like adding new features is not as easy as we might all think it is. It also sounds like most of the new talent coming into the programming world just aren’t interested in DJ software or the type of programming language necessary to create/modify DJ software. You would think with the rise in popularity of DJ’ing, more programmers would go down that path.

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