DVS Support would really shake up the competition.

Please add DVS support to Djay across all platforms/OS

If Djay supported Digital Vinyl you would see a lot of users of Traktor and Serato switch over to using Djay.

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I call this typical “Apple wannabe” attitude for tech companies’ public relations policy :slight_smile:

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VDJ starts looking really good indeed, especially since they included connexion to streaming services, but hell how it’s expensive ! Even more than Serato which I also find very expensive considering they also get revenue from hardware makers to support their products.

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Algoriddim just bring :

  • Apple Music with offline mode,
  • improved Filters/FX
  • DVS, and you are the king of virtual djing.

Also please bring external mixer routing support on mobile app ! And then you’ll get serious about mobile DJing !


Solid iOS features and stability is good value as it’s an alternative to this era of returning to laptop-less setups, which cost so expensive…

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I hope we are also asking for the iOS/Android version to have DVS here, what a great portable setup it would make to go and mix in clubs or as a backup solution !

Of course it implies external audio routing to also be ported to iOS/Android versions

See specific request from mine about external routing here: http://community.algoriddim.com/algor…

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When in a market where there already three leaders (Serato/Rekordbox/Traktor), it would be a good differentiator having a solution that works both on laptop and mobile though!

Only DJ Player Pro would compete, with a subscription pricing model which to my opinion isn’t convenient for the casual DJ who mixes on mobile devices once in a while or for backup solution on Pro booths.

Maybe they can start with the Mac/Win version to include DVS while mobile version gets external routing mode. Then bring DVS on mobile in a second step.

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Sounds like an in-app purchase, a bit like the FX would be a nice option. Though it means one would mean to repay this on each major release.

DJ Player Pro for iOS does have both external audio routing and DVS. That doesn’t prevent it from being interfaced with Deezer streaming service just like Spotify does with Djay Pro.

Thanks for posting your idea. 

Quite sad Algoriddim still doesn’t have this in their priorities.

The feature should be brought to Djay at least in the “relative” mode of timecode tracking and choice of timecode frequency (which will also easily make it compatible with any existing timecode)

Hey there,
I’ve just started to use real Vinyl and I’m thinking about getting into timecode.
Since I’ve used Djay and Djay Pro before (with my trusty el cheapo Hercules Midi Controller) I’d love to use Djay now with a turntable.
Since It’s now called Djay Pro I think DVS is definitely a part of pro DJ software.

Some hints to algoriddim:
There is a open source DJ software called mixxx which supports various timecode vinyls. The part that is handling the Timecode comes from another open source DVS system called xwax. It can be found here: https://github.com/xwax/xwax

I haven’t received my timecode Vinyls yet, so I haven’t tested that out so far.

Sadly xwax is licensed under GNU GPL v2 so you can’t just integrate it into Djay without open sourcing it.

But you can use it so learn how the different timecode formats work and implement them yourself.

Sorry if my english isn’t perfect but I’m not a native speaker.

Have a nice Day

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Hey Dave,
If you like Serato and you are willing to pay for hardware just to use a software you are fine. But not everybody likes the look and feel of Serato or likes to spend extra money.


at least now we know (tanks to Lukas) that algoriddim knows about our wish regarding DVS :slight_smile:
Hopefully they decide quickly when to integrate the timecode functionality.

We’ll see what the future brings!


Hi Dave,
just to be clear: I’m not a person how earns money with djaying so the Spotify point doesn’t count in my case. I’m just what most would call a bedroom dj.

I do like Serato’s software but I dislike their licensingmodel. I’m still a student so my budget isn’t that big so I am willing spend about 400€ just to use DVS.
My Turntables have integrated USB Soundcards to capture the Timecode signal. So the only things I’d need in theory are some Timecode vinyls and software.

I’ve tried out the described setup with mixxx and it works quite well, but mixxx isn’t really integrated with OS X and their Midi mapping is terrible!

Traktor would be an alternative but I personally don’t like the look and feel of the software. I’ve heard that DVS is supported by them only on Traktor certified hardware but you could get other hardware to work.
I haven’t tried that because I don’t have access to Traktor Vinyls.

Djay Pro is in my opinion a good mixture of the other Software on the market.
If they would integrate some basic DVS functionality I’d be very happy!

I hope you can understand my point now a bit better :slight_smile:


Another very interested party. I am a scratch DJ, but really like the Djay platform, Spotify integration, and the Reloop controllers have the best jog wheels on the market. But, I have spent the last few years learning to scratch on vinyl, and can’t switch away from Traktor until Djay DVS happens. :slight_smile:

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Bro, you’re on the djay forum . . . You’ll learn about an update, any update, when it suddenly appears in an update, having no meaningful interaction with any company rep on these forums what-so-ever.

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Yes you can. You choose not to. It’s annoying. Own it.

You’re all talking to yourselves. Peep this thread for an idea of what I’m talking about. http://community.algoriddim.com/algor…

Mainly I need timecode to use with djay pro on my MacBook. For me the killer app of djay is the Spotify integration and I really want to combine that with timecode vinyl for my MacBook. On the iOS side of things, timecode seems like overkill.

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