First night using HighRes FLAC

Last night I enabled the Highest Tidal resolution in djay now that Tidal has exited their HiRes FLAC beta into release.

With two small exceptions last night, djay performed flawlessly - both times, playback of “cached” tracks stopped mid-song. Part of me believes these incidents stem from the source - a problem with Tidal’s CDM or database, perhaps, or possibly a network glitch on my end…but it’s also possible the code is exceeding the capabilities of my host. I didn’t have the opportunity to troubleshoot. Posting to see if anybody else has experienced/is experiencing this.

(Coming from being a bit of an MQA snob, I begrudgingly have to admit that 24/192 resolution sounds awesome…I’m SUPER happy with how everything sounds right now, and how well it all works)


I am still too nervous to use any live streaming with a set

@Djdash I’ve been using streaming almost entirely for gigs for several years now. Sure I’ve had a few scary moments, but the vast majority of the time it works flawlessly. The key is to be prepared with backup options just in case.

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was hoping you’d comment…no such problems on your end, or you don’t have/haven’t enabled High?
(If youve not had issues that points to network issues for me to sort…)

@heysoundude I don’t enable High quality settings for Tidal anymore actually. I tried a few times in the past and had issues getting a full track buffer so I’ve kept it at Normal since. Also, I mainly use Beatport Link Pro these days. Great to hear of your success with HighRes FLAC though. This is very encouraging indeed!

@Slak_Jaw I have the backup options covered, so I think it’s time for me to dive into the world of using streaming services and see what happens.

I generally have very good Internet connections where I play

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Update to my original post - the glitch I mentioned in the top post here happened again last night, and exactly twice again.
If I can confirm it tonight for a 3rd consecutive show/night, I’m going to step down a notch before I report whatever I can come up with to replicate it.

Does this look like the same issue?

I’m familiar with that thread, having posted in it…and yes, that’s roughly what was happening.
HOWEVER - last night, I had a Gibraltar-like rock solid system, and here’s what I changed:
the zoom level of the waveform display/scroll.
I zoomed out a click or 2.
Possibly random or unrelated, but playback/syncing…all perfect.
I can’t recall having changed the default, so that might be where I started and zoomed out from.

NOW I’m wondering if its a MacOS graphics issue that’s causing troubles with the CoreAudio playback mechanisms djay relies on, and if it’s HARDWARE driver related.

Granted, it may have been the power-cycle and complete reboot of the system that got the change to my Tidal resolution setting to solidify…but I’m happy and confident that’s not the issue.

Let’s see if it stays that way for next weekend