Fixing the grid and syncing a track

Hi everyone. Hope you guys are well. I have run into quite an interesting situation that I simply cannot resolve for the life of me. I want to create a mash up of a particular track so, I have the original track and the A cappella version.

The a cappella is an exact copy however, djay cannot firstly recognize the BPM. The original Bpm is 95 or 96 but the a cappella comes up as 147. That’s a small problem to fix just re-create the Bpm or so I thaught.

Everything looks fine however a few seconds into the track the sink just goes off. Tried using synk on and off but I just can’t get this right.

If you guys want the track
I will be happy to share it as well. I just want to be able to quantize The a cappella.

With tracks like acappellas I’ve seen Djay struggle too. It’s one of the reasons we like more flexibility when it comes to gridding.


Thanks for your reply. Can you recommend any other application that can quantize the track or, is there a workaround to this.

Ableton Live is the grand daddy of elastic audio. Maybe a trail or cheap version lets you export the modified track?

I’ve had this same problem with acappellas in Djay for a long time. I submitted a support ticket ages ago, but it was never properly resolved. Some acappellas seem to work fine and can be adjusted to fit the grid of the original track and some have this weird drifting issue like the BPM is changing throughout the track. I’ve pretty much given up on using acappellas and just use Neural Mix instead to isolate the vocals. The results aren’t as good as a studio acappella, but in most cases it’s good enough for me.


And this is exactly My problem. If you are doing a really good mashup for recording, mural mix is not going to work. Let’s hope they look in to this.

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Understood. I suggest you submit a formal support ticket to Algoriddim or create a new post under the bug report section.

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After lots of work mixing and matching got it to work but I agree, need to log a ticket.

Hi @Djdash,

Thanks for your post!

Were you able to send us a ticket as of yet? We’d appreciate looking into this further especially with the Edit Beat Grid thread that is taking a new wind.

Additionally, @Slak_Jaw Do you remember what the title of your ticketed email to us was regarding this issue or perhaps the ticket number for faster reference?

Looking forward to getting this resolved in a timely manner!

My apologies. I did not submit a ticket but just posted the thread. Please advise how I should go about posting a ticket

@NathanielAlgo the ticket number was 143926 from Feb 3, 2021. I sent several emails with videos showing the issues. The last correspondence on the this was May 3, 2021. My work around was to stop using pre-recorded acappellas all together and instead use Neural Mix to isolate the vocals from the full track. It’s not 100% ideal, but it works pretty good in most cases.

Does it happen to all the Acappella’s you use or just random ones?

No not all acappellas were a problem, but it was frequent enough that I gave up trying to beat grid them. Trust me I tried all the usual tricks.


Definitely agree with the above.

Oh ok, to be honest I have only tried that with acappellas acouple of times and didn’t have an issue, but not tested it to the extent.

Hi everyone,

I wanted to update this thread and let you all know that our teams are still looking into this issue.

We’ll be sure to post an update as soon as we get one from our dev team as well.

Thank you all so much!