Flac files not being decoded properly in windows

As I state in the beta testing of Djay Pro 5 for windows. Flac file meta data does not load or only loads after you load to a player deck. Some files won’t decode at all or only a part of the song gets decoded. All my collection is uncompressed flac files. So, now the desktop and iPhone both are not working. Great :rage: I was just trying to beat grid my DJ collection to try and slowly switch from Traktor Pro once a few of the missing features from the MAC/IOS gets added to the windows. But that’s diffidently a no go.

@Melbourne is this issue still happening with the latest, non-beta, version of djay Pro for Windows? Thanks.

Yet. It is still happening with the latest update for windows. v5.0.6405. The same file in AIFF format works properly, but my whole music library is in flac file format.

Thanks for confirming @Melbourne. I have forwarded this to the dev and support teams to see if they can reproduce the issue.

I am experiencing the same problem here on Windows 10. Version is 5.0.6405.
But, the tags are also not being read/displayed with MP3 files too.
Sometimes all of the tracks are showing correct data, but most of the times, when opening a new list, there are a bunch of tracks not being displayed correctly.
It is a bit anoying, as it makes a pre-selection (according to tempo or key) almost impossible …

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Hi @Melbourne and @Synfreak, sorry for the late reply. I’ve spoken with the engineering team and they were unable to reproduce this issue. They have asked if you could please share some of the FLAC files you’re having issues with for them to test? Please upload the files to your Dropbox or Google Drive and share a link to them here. Thanks!

They are so many because all my files are uncompressed Flac. Here is a pic of the same file in Flac and AIFF format. Flac in deck A and AIFF in deck B

Here is the link to the above file

I delete all my tracks from Djay Pro 5 because of the lack of features for windows vs MAC/IOS parity that I stated in another post. I do a test every time there is an update to see if I can fully switch to Djay Pro 5. But right now, the state that Djay Pro 5 is in that’s a no go for me especially seen it won’t even decode all my flac files properly. Also, the parity issues that I posted.

Thanks for the additional information and FLAC file link @Melbourne! I’ve sent this to the engineering team for review and will report back when I have any news.

@Melbourne can you please open access to that FLAC file on your Google Drive? We are unable to download it. Thanks!

File is open now. Sorry about that.

@ Slak_Jaw,
thank you for taking a look …
But, my problem seems to be a bit different as @Melbourne’s

And, the missing Tags (BPM, Key …) sometimes show up, and on next time starting DJay and loading a list (folder), they seem to be missing …
I try to get some screenshots next time to visualize it.


You’re welcome @Synfreak. Yes, some screenshots and uploading some files you’re having issues with would really help. Thanks

I have reported this problem since the beta windows version. Still have not been fixed as of yet for any flac files. Just a guess now but I think this can be solve if the Djay Pro 5 gets the ability to write the meta data info to the files, so once analyzed the info will be written to the file itself and can easily be read and edited by Djay Pro 5. Might even help with cross device meta data sync. If the Djay Pro 5 writes the Key, BPM and beat grid info to the files themself then all Djay Pro 5 has to do is read the meta data of the Tracks. Traktor Pro 3 and Serato does a very good job of this as far as writing all meta data to the files. Tip I found while running different file test scenarios in Djay Pro 5…If you have AIFF files and run them through Mixedin key 10 before adding them to Djay Pro 5 and then analyzed them in Djay Pro 5 the Mixedin Key cue points will populate in Djay Pro 5. But this only works for AIFF files only in my testing. Or if you can port your DJ collection to Serato DJ and get the Serato DJ to write the info to the files will also do the same thing as far as cue points are concern. But only for AIFF files also. So, this will be the route I will be taking if all the features from the MAC/IOS version gets added to the windows version. To migrate from Traktor Pro 3 to Djay Pro 5. But for now, it’s a waiting game as far as features go with the windows version of Djay Pro 5.

New update same problems. No new features added for windows that is already in MAC/IOS no parity and my flac file issue still exist. Also testing using iTunes files gives me an error on my iPhone 15 for the files in iTunes music. But works normal for my desktop that the files were to my music library. This is the reason why I do only local files only less of a chance for something to go wrong. Guess I will wait for the next update to see what happens. :disappointed: :weary:

[Slak Jaw] any new news on the flac file situation I am having? Did the engineering team review my file and what did they find out?

Hi @Melbourne,

I just returned from vacation and have sent a follow up message to the engineering team to see if they have any updates. I’ll report back here when I have more information. Thanks!

Hope you had a great vacation. But with the new update Djay Pro 5.1 is now literally useless to me. No flac files will decode or play. All my files are local. I am upset but what can I do. :person_shrugging: Thanks in advance for the good work that you do here (Slak_Jaw).

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You’re welcome @Melbourne. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything.

With the new Djay Pro 5.1 update all my flac files are now not being decoded and are now fully useless for this software it keeps getting worse. I am now fully frustrated, because it is now truly getting worse for me with every new update.

More detail required. I just loaded a couple of flac files here and they play fine.

Latest version of DJay Pro and Windows 11.