Flac files not being decoded properly in windows

Latest version of Djay Pro 5 with the latest version of windows, and these are files that use to play before the new Djay Pro 5.1 update. Flac files not being decoded properly in windows - Bug Reports - Algoriddim Community Forums. I have been talking about this since the beta version of windows until now. You can see my many posts about this. I also have submitted file to be looked at by the engineering team with no response and solution from the team I am trying to figure out what more info you need. Not to sound sarcastic but I think I have sent enough info to detail the problem that I am having. This is the newest screen shot of what is happing. Now the whole flac files are not being decoded.

Hi @Melbourne, I merged your other topic with this one to keep the discussion organized. In the future, please try to use existing topics rather than creating new ones as this makes it a lot easier for us to keep track of things and to provide efficient support. Thanks!

I can now play my flac files again on windows with the new update. :+1: But the reading of the meta data for flac files are still limited same as the original beta to a few tag fields and it is random at best, and you have to rescan the flac files every time you start the program. :rage:. Also, a lot of my key are being reported wrong whenever I analyzed the tracks even though the correct keys are in the meta data of the flac files. That changes the ability to mix in key and the ability to correct the wrong keys because there is no ability to edit any tag fields in windows version. Still wait for the MAC/IOS parity for windows. Apple music recommendations is truly horrible seem as if it is only doing genre only. No BPM range or key or anything else. but I am more looking for local file match base on setting that I can adjust. Can we get the ability to scan for BPM and beat grid only, so my key doesn’t get affected?

Thanks for the update and additional information @Melbourne. I have passed your exact comments onto the engineering team.

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