FLAC support for djay Pro?

djay for Mac is nice but I find it very limited since it only supports iTunes. Now, with djay Pro there’s support also for Spotify. But then, is it just iTunes and Spotify? No support for other sources and formats?

Shouldn’t the “pro” version of djay at least support FLAC? At least for me, I’ve always ripped my CDs to FLAC. Any chance of FLAC support in the future?

i somehow cant believe that there is no plugin for that … oh my.

i can also play some flac on djay android, what is the deal?

Hey Lukas,

I run 1.4.4 - my folders with flac appear totally empty.

fresh install, still no flac in ‘my mac’ folders.
i can drag and drop flac files directly on the turntables though.

can you give a bit more instructions here, please.

fresh install 1.4.4 on latest High sierra.

Flac folders in ‘my mac’ come up empty.
Please Lukas, can you provide a screenshot, how flac files should be displayed in the library pane?

I agree with the intent to play lossless audio files. iTunes does have a version ALAC and it is available in iTunes. Maybe an ALAC version will show up in djay Pro.

I purchased FLACTunes FLAC converter from the Mac App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flact…
though I’m sure there are free converters as well.

Still no FLAC support.
Shame on you Algoriddim

Neither djay nor djay Pro support FLAC but we’ll be sure to look into this.

As I recall DJay NOT pro supported the just fine…

I have to go with Bill on this, in part because I was the one who told him it was possible, after being told so by djay support. You couldn’t access the FLAC file through the main djay window, but as explained here


you could drag and drop FLAC files directly from finder onto a turntable or into the AutoMix queue.

ALAC works, but at WUSB we have dozens of programmers with extensive libraries of their own that they share with our listeners, in addition to the 100k plus CDs and LPs in the station library. Not all of them have Macs (shocking, I know), but most care enoughe about their music that they prefer lossless formats for storage, hence FLAC.
It may not have been official, but earlier versions of djay did play FLAC - it was one of the deciding points in convincing our tech folks to license and install it. (See my comments earlier in the thread.)

Wow, I loved everything I saw in this software,
I was just about to buy it…

until I discovered this!!!

Please, Algoriddim, Flac support +100

I want to use your software for my next Gig!!!

This just isn’t true. Djay supported FLAC just fine and was one of the reasons I purchased it at the time. I’m currently running Version 4.2.3 and it is FLAC compatible. I just assumed that the Pro version of Djay would keep the functionality and not take it away. Feeling kinda ripped off that I plopped down the $50 bucks in order not to play what I used to be able to play.

Hey Lukas. I’m running djay Pro 1.4.4. and if I drag and drop a flac file I get this message

The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error 1954115647.)

is there another step that needs to be taken here?

Seriously, I think that could be solved using some sort of plugin. Easy, fast and light.

I would be also very happy to get the possibility to play FLAC through Djay Pro. It’s very important for the quality you want to play for the audience. I hope we get the support for it from Djay Pro team as soon as possible.

FLAC-support please…

Hey Nil Venet,

have you tried using other lossless audio formats like Apples lossless?

Lukas E.

Hey guys,

with djay Pro 1.4.4 for the Mac you can play FLAC files via the My Finder library.

Please update your djay versions :slight_smile:

Lukas E.