Full Kill / Isolator style EQ

Would be great to have this as an option, I can do it with Bandpass AUs but would be much simpler if it was supported on the knobs.

…indeed. “Killable” EQs are a must these days and especially if you’re DJ’ing in electronic music genres.

This is an idea that’s 5 years old now and hasn’t got any traction from Algoriddims side. Why?

Might be that it’s a bit of work to copy the EQ curves from e.g. A&H, but it’s definitely worth it if Djay PRO (and of course Djay for the iPhone as well) wants to attract more PRO users. So what keeps you from upgrading the EQ section to a professional level?

Anybody there from Algoriddim’s side to comment on this very old feature request on an industry standard item here?

Thanks for sharing your idea.

It seems quite silly to me that the EQ is not full kill. It’s pretty much an industry standard these days.

I also would love to see a full kill eq because it’s essential also in psy trance
I’m on iPad pro