Future of streaming in djay

Sorry to see you go Luca. But hopefully you can still give djay with the new services a try, we improved so many areas compared to the Spotify integration. I appreciate your loyalty and understand though that you may not want to keep two subscriptions. Note that we have no way to provide a streaming services for free as it’s operated by individual companies. 

We’re looking into what can be done here on the streaming service side. Basically the streaming service needs to provide this info. Initially we did not have this in Spotify either and it’s a feature that was introduced later on. As for SoundCloud, there is a new feature to analyze entire playlists in the background, something that so far hasn’t been possible with any streaming service. Hope this helps and we’ll be sure to forward this request. 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Richard. The unlock is already in place for existing djay 2 users. Simply launch the new djay for iOS app on the device where you have djay 2 installed and it will automatically present you with a free in-app unlock directly on launch. There is still an optional subscription for looper packs, visuals, and modes, however with the free unlock the core features are fully functional for you without requiring a subscription. Give it a try and let us know how you get a long. Besides major new features available in the new djay, we have improved lots of things under the hood as well such as syncing, graphics quality, and more. 

Thanks for reaching out. Did you look into the TIDAL Premium, it’s $9.99 / month like Spotify Premium. TIDAL Premium also offers high quality audio. The HiFi setting is available in the TIDAL HiFi plan which is more expensive. Hope this helps.

djay’s Match / recommendation engine has been fully extended to include the SoundCloud and TIDAL catalogue, so you will be able to continue receiving track suggestions in djay just like with Spotify. 

Good point. That said, the Spotify API didn’t supported folders through 3rd party apps either, so hopefully folder support will be available in the future. Please keep your feedback coming. 

The best workaround right now for bpm/key display would be to use the analyze library feature with SoundCloud which was added in the latest update. We can only display the information that is accessible through the streaming service, but we will be sure to forward any feedback we receive from the community. 

Dear Rob, 
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate your detailed feedback and understand the importance of music libraries. This change is beyond our control and it affects all 3rd party DJ apps. However, we are committed to do the best we can to ensure this transition is as smooth as possible for djay users. The TIDAL Premium subscription is the same price as a Spotify Premium subscription, to my knowledge $9.99 depending on currency/country and it also includes video, only the HiFi subscription with the master recording quality setting is more expensive. Please let me know if that’s not what you are seeing. The standard TIDAL trial is 1 month, the 3 month trial offer is a special limited time offer available for djay users exclusively via our web site. To get a free trial all streaming services require you to provide a credit card (unless you sign up through their own apps on the App Store via your App Store account), so we have no way to change that unfortunately. As far as the technical integration is concerned, we’ve made numerous improvements under the hood with the new streaming options. For example with both TIDAL and SoundCloud you get full track caching in djay, meaning if the internet connection is down the currently playing track will continue playing without any interruptions. SoundCloud also contains an analyze library option. Again, we are committed to help as much as we can with this transition. I hope you can give the TIDAL or SoundCloud setup in djay a try and see if it works for you after all. Your feedback and loyalty is much appreciated.

Analyze library is a feature available with SoundCloud in the latest version of djay on iOS/Mac. It’s accessible as shown in the screenshot I’ve sent above and it requires the latest updates of the apps. You mentioned you didn’t update due to some issues with your controller, in this case the option wouldn’t be visible in your version. If you can share more infos about the controller issue to our support team directly (support@algoriddim.com), we’ll take a look. Thanks! 

I just cancelled the monthly subscription. Spotify integration was also my main reason for using Djay. I keep on using Djay on the Macbook. I have taken a look at Tidal. That wil do for people in the US UK, but if you are in a small country, like the Netherlands, you are missing so much of the local party music. Also, there is no bpm indication on tracks, you have not played before. Tidal for me is no replacement. My business is to smal, to invest too much in music. The Spotify integration suited my workflow perfectly. I’m sad this happens, but glad it’s not my main income. 
Something in my head is thinking, Spotify got a better deal. Maybe Dennon of Pioneer… we will see.
It’s strange that other platforms keep on working on streaming platforms. A hell of a loss for Djay.

I’m in the same boat as you Rob, not sure what to do now.

I do not think this applies to the tracks that are stored in playlists in Djay Pro’s own Library Management system. It only works for Spotify playlists (it seems), not for playlists within the Djay Pro Library. Anyway, that is my experience. Have you or anyone else succeeded with those playlists?

Earlier in this conversation, Official Rep David said, “The unlock is already in place for existing djay 2 users. Simply launch the new djay for iOS app on the device where you have djay 2 installed and it will automatically present you with a free in-app unlock directly on launch.”  My question - will users of DJ Pro for Mac get this free upgrade, also?  I have migrated from Spotify to Tidal, but there is no option to sign in to Tidal in DJ Pro - only Spotify.  

That is correct.  The only option I see is Spotify.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but DJ Pro 2 is required for Tidal integration.  The same is true for the iOS versions, and Algoriddim is giving users of the old iOS version a free upgrade in order to move from Spotify to Tidal/Soundcloud.  So, my question is, does that same offer stand to user of the Mac version?

Thanks, Emily.  I did reach out through the “Contact Us” form on your webpage, but haven’t heard back yet (not even a confirmation of receipt).  And I did read through the streaming-migration page, but there is nothing on there about upgrades.  I read about the free iOS (iPad) upgrade on this forum and just want to know how MacOS users can get the same upgrade in order to be able to use Tidal/Soundcloud.

I’m hoping Algoriddim will make the same offer to MacOS users that they’ve made to iOS users, yes.

Just tested it… it still works for me.

Just tested it. 2nd of juli its still working?

Just a little side note from myself.

From here on out it will be support. I am talking hardware support. For any mods reading you’ve seen me around here for years, you know I base my comments on facts alone (unless otherwise noted as opinion whether it be mine or someone else’s).
When frequenting the other DJ SW communities (Forums, social media pages & IRL) people will bring up Djay for Spotify and then for hardware support. Djay supports much of the pro HW out there and adding more to the roster as well as more defined features (screen support, multi page support, better platter support, etc.) added/modified will be the way from here on out and a focus on it should be payed. I hate to point out the obvious but Djay and DJ Player Pro are the big dogs in the mobile arena and Gabor Szanto JUST recently had a huge break that will be adding some serious bankroll into his arsenal. This presents an opportunity for him to make some serious moves and step his game up even more. Just saying you (as of now) have the serious advantage but a lot will change on July 1st. A LOT!!! Just be proactive about it is all… You guys have the know how as well as the brand don’t lose ground on either. Mobile is only growing and this is a critical point in the game… your game specifically. BTW Apple will be witnessing this pivot as well. Let’s make it as smooth as possible huh?