Future of streaming in djay

Hello djay Community,

We hope you’re all well and safe during these days. We want you to know that we’re here to support you as much as ever. And we realize that, maybe especially during the current global situation, DJing and music are more important than ever to escape the news for awhile.

As you know we’ve recently added new streaming services to djay with features that are first of their kind. Today, we’d like to share with you important information about the future of streaming in djay. We’ve received questions from the community recently about this topic, and now that we can officially share a clear picture, we wanted to thank you for your patience and update you on some important changes coming to 3rd party DJ apps, including djay.

As of July 1, 2020, Spotify will no longer be playable through 3rd party DJ apps.

You’ll still be able to use Spotify in djay until the end of June 2020. Going forward, we’ve prepared steps for you to easily transition to another supported streaming service. Most importantly, we understand building a music library takes time and effort, so we’ve set up an easy-to-use process for you to migrate all your songs and playlists to the new service.

  • Migrate to TIDAL
  • Migrate to SoundCloud
    We’ve also created a landing page with more detail about the changes, including a short guide to the new streaming services, and some FAQs you might have:


Please know that we are here to help every step of the way. Despite the current situation around the world, our Support Team is here for you and remains as committed as ever to helping you in any way we can. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Your Algoriddim Team


As also a beginner DJ, i really understand your point of view : i was putting lot of hopes to be able to use Djay on my iPad and access all Spotify songs. At first i bought a 128GB iPad Pro and it worked great. Then they (with Apple) added the ability to play local mp3 tracks so i bought a 512GB iPad Pro. After some month, I think local mp3 files are really fun to play on Djay and the iPad, the only drawback is that you must (also) pay for a record pool to get your tracks.

I was also thinking about quiting Djay on iPad and go to Rekordbox on the PC but apparently my PC is not powerful enough and i ran into bugs and disapointments… however i found the Beatport integration is great and i find most (if not all) my favourite genre tracks there (house / drum&bass). So I just wonder when Beatport will be integrated into Djay ? :wink:

So for now i’ll continue to use Djay on my iPad, and now i get my mp3s from DigitalDJpool.com (which also have an iPad app). 

For the future of Djay,  here are my requests :

1: add FULL database tracks management to Djay (as you also said it really lacks when you compare it to Rekordbox or other DJ softwares)
2 : make this database fully synced accross all devices (not just the cue points but ALL settings should be synced)
2: add Beatport integration to Djay … but you can also keep Tidal :slight_smile:


hello Emily
oh as an old user of djay2 i was not aware of this unlock opportunity!
thanks for clarifying the situation !

The playlists which are now within Djay’s own Music crate, how are they treated? Do they need to be transferred somehow also?

The playlists which are now within Djay’s own Music crate, how are they treated? Do they need to be transferred somehow also?

And is it possible to transfer the cue points on those tracks from the Djay crate?

Missed opportunity for Apple Music by the way. They could’ve picked up a bunch of influencers in Europe, where they have virtually no customers.

I’m a hobby/home-DJ and can see why it’s impossible to continue with this remarkable service.
For me its no problem since I have spent only €50 x 2 over the years.
On the other hand, what will Spotify do to keep pro DJs and their customers? Will they create a joint venture with one of the large brands like Pioneer? I dont think so.
If they do anything besides nothing it might be a service to all brands, but Im hesitant.
For me its not a huge problem since I have a Pioneer DDJ400-controller, which gives you Rekordbox for free. (planning to buy a DDJ800 which DJay doesnt support anyway)
The question now, will I be pushed to unlegit download my Spotify-songs to local FLAC ́s?

What Algoriddim REALLY need to do now is start actually fixing issues in both the mac and ios software and adding missing features, then they’ll be able to justify the subscription pricing model and loss of Spotify and convince users that Algoriddim are really committed to improving the software for the long haul. I don’t think they have any idea how many people only stuck with djay for Spotify integration.

Features / fixes I want to see (if any exist already tell me how!):

djay for mac:

  • Proper beat skipping with support for 16 and 32 beat skips, accessible in UI as in ios.

djay for mac AND ios:

  • Automatically jump to the first detected beat on a new track load if no cue point exists.

  • A button to go back to track start or first detected beat (Cue Jump only works if there are no cues).

  • A way to nudge the playhead on a paused track to the nearest beat marker.

  • Pressing loop ‘OUT’ in the loop panel while playing currently does nothing if you haven’t first pressed ‘IN’ to set a loop start. Instead, if ‘IN’ hasn’t already been set, pressing ‘OUT’ should automatically jump backwards by the number of beats set in the Loop Creator and activate a loop of the specified duration. This functionality could also/alternatively be added as a modifier option when triggering the Loop Creator eg holding shift when triggering sets loop end point and jumps back instead of setting loop start point.

  • Proper sync quantisation support with a choice of quantize level eg nearest 4 beats, 1 beat, 1/2 etc.

  • Consistent sync behaviour! Triggering a cue while tracks are playing in sync causes the track to sync to the next beat. For example if you trigger a cue very slightly after the first beat in a bar, sync will jump forwards to sync with the second/next beat and your sync will now be offset by 1 beat. However, if you trigger a cue or play while a track is paused in sync, the track will correctly sync with the nearest beat, meaning if you trigger a cue very slightly after the first beat in a bar, sync will nudge backwards to stay in sync. In all circumstances sync should use the nearest beat instead of the next beat!

I reckon it came down more to licensing fees with labels/artists. Tidal and Soundcloud are more artist/label focussed and I believe pay a better rate to labels/artists for use of their music, I could be wrong. Maybe artists and labels were therefore more willing to agree the additional use of their music with Tidal and Soundcloud where maybe Spotify wasn’t willing to pay more out for the additional usage. It must be a very small percentage of Spotify users who care about djing so probably not worth them agreeing to pay more just to satisfy a tiny portion of their users and anyway as myself and others have mentioned, many of us aren’t going to give up Spotify just because of this. It’s a matter of opinion but I’ve tried Tidal, Apple Music, Youtube and none of them came close to offering the same experience as Spotify so they probably know that they really aren’t risking losing a huge number of users because of this.

Honestly switching from Spotify to Tidal is such a step down in user experience and functionality, the iOS Tidal app is a joke.

I’m in exactly the same boat. Without Spotify Djay just isn’t good enough when compared to other software like Traktor etc so this has pushed me to switch back to download music and use proper pro dj software. Algoriddim have shown themselves to be completely unable to solve the most basic of issues needed by actual dj’s eg issues with eq/resonance, issues with sync etc, instead focusing their resources on gimmicks like the sample
loops etc. The Pro Mac app is currently even further behind the iOS app. If Algoriddim would only make the changes needed to bring the software up to standard I could maybe tolerate a switch to tidal despite it’s flaws but djay + tidal compared with traktor and downloaded files is just no comparison.

Hello Riddler, auto analyzing is supported with SoundCloud. When you click the number of song count that’s indicated above each playlist there is a popup to allow you to batch analyze the entire playlist in the background. Hope this helps. 

I attached a screenshot of the function. We just added this in a recent update, so you may not be on the latest version if you’re not seeing it in the app. Hope this helps

Note that the SoundCloud Go+ subscription contains the premium content from major labels (in addition to the underground tracks typically found in the free version). It would be interesting to know what genres you have in your library that weren’t transferred.

We are providing a free unlock of pro features specifically for existing djay 2 users so you can continue using SoundCloud and TIDAL. Hope this helps. 

It sounds like you are trying to use the HiFi setting with TIDAL. Note that the TIDAL premium subscription supports normal and high quality. The HiFi quality setting requires a TIDAL HiFi plan. 

A few questions: 

  • what TIDAL plan did you sign up for?
  • did you cancel the subscription after setting up the trial?
  • can you send a screenshot of the error message you are seeing? 
  • does it work with the normal quality setting?

The free unlock refers to features in the new djay 3 on iOS so you can easily switch from djay 2 to djay 3 for free. But it sounds like you are already on the newest version. With regards to the streaming services, SoundCloud has a 1 month free trial for Go+ and TIDAL is offering an exclusive 3 months free trial for djay users. 

It sounds like the trial expired then. To continue using TIDAL you’d have to renew your plan with an active subscription. 

Thanks for sharing the screenshot. From what you describe it still sounds like the trial expired. Can you play songs through the TIDAL app on your iPad? If not, that means you’d have to continue your subscription plan with TIDAL.