General Comment on missing features... (since years!)

When I read all the suggestions I am very surprised that basic features like “export/import playlist”, “iOS remote control app”, “annotation for tracks”, “rating tracks”, “syncing everything between iOS & Mac” are not available. And these threads are sitting there for years!!!
Is anybody of you guys (developers) actually using the software with thousands of tracks? After playing with it for a few hours I run in all these issues which make it hard to really love the app.
Don’t get me wrong: it’s a great tool and the AI section is perfect. But you have to put more effort into organizing data (tracks). This is what takes the most time. It’s an absolute no go to be depended on that crappy iTunes/Apple Music app - I really hate it. I don’t know, but it seems Apple developers are not using their software either.
I am developer and what I learned over the years is, that highest principle is customer satisfaction. You have to rethink your strategy, for sure.
If you need help for backend programming: I am very good and quick at this stuff.


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Agreed, it is extremely frustrating to buy everything g from iOS and apple and not be able to buy a new iPad with the new software and have it not function appropriately. I have to use my iPad Pro first gen, with old software just because that is the only opportunity I have to access all my music. I absolutely love everything about this app, except the ability to upgrade to new hardware and software. I have to use software version 14.6 on iPad Pro mlk3kll/a for this to function. I sent in all the satay on what is not working, and here we are with no answers. Please stop focusing on monthly revenue streams and focus on your core product being able to upgrade, hardware and software.

I would say no. Evey Good point. I use algoriddim djay pro for many years And thats why I belive they are still on thr lower tier with keeping up. Only if they would pay attention to their customer. They are behind and they could be one of the top " standard"

Hi @Nagu,

Thank you very much for your insightful feedback.

Our dev team works very hard day in and day out to make djay the best software it can be for our users. I will pass your continued feedback along to them for further review.

If you have not done so already I would encourage you to update djay to the latest v4.0 update as there have been many great features added by our dev team.

Feel free to share any more suggestions you might have for djay. Have a great day!


The new features and the effects are awesome! I love it.
I also found my way of organising tracks. I even wrote a script that allows copy-paste playlists back to the Apple Music app.
So, keep up the good work and thanks for sharing my comments with the developers.


well said. ivee been saying this for sometime.they need to fix the basic before they can more on to next exciting new development. yes. Djay you have reah reach new bounderies. but if we cant do the basic like find the bpm inn tidal whats the point?