📣 The next-level major update to djay Pro AI for Mac, iPhone, and iPad is here!

Our team is thrilled to announce the next major update to djay Pro AI for macOS and iOS, now available on the App Store. We’ve packed this update full of some of your most requested features, including the long-awaited addition of DVS.

Now, all you need is your iPhone, iPad, or Mac with a PRO subscription to djay Pro AI, compatible timecode vinyl records, properly calibrated turntables, and your DVS-compatible mixer, and you’re ready to go!

We’ve been listening to your feedback and suggestions, and working closely with some of the world’s top DJs, to carefully adapt djay’s user interface to ideally complement any connected hardware and provide a unique blend of tactile and touch-based control. Moreover, djay’s audio engine has been fine tuned for digital vinyl control to offer the tightest scratching, most accurate time-stretching, and lowest latency possible.

Watch as world champion turntablist DJ Angelo walks us through the new DVS features in djay:

:mega: And, there’s more!

We are also excited to introduce our new DVS format, Neural Mix™ Vinyl: offering isolated stems for any song right on the B-side of the control vinyl. With the official djay Control Vinyl, you can simply drop the needle of the analog turntable onto one of three distinct tracks on the physical record to play either the original song, its instrumental version, or the acapella. See it in action with DJ Angelo:

Other NEW features and updates included in this major update to djay Pro AI:

  • Advanced DVS options: including Internal, Relative, Absolute modes, Muted/Gated Cue, Seamless calibration, Neural Mix Vinyl settings for B-Side (Instrumental, Acapella vs. Drums, Melodic)
  • DVS Auto Setup and Calibration: support for official djay Control Vinyl + smart auto calibration, supports standard time code DVS systems that use a control tone of 1kHz (which the vast majority of DVS systems nowadays do)
  • Plug-and-Play DVS integration through popular performance mixers, including:
    • Reloop ELITE (Mac+iOS)
    • Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 (Mac)
    • Pioneer DJ DJM-S7 (Mac+iOS)
    • Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 (Mac)
    • Pioneer DJ DJM-S11 (Mac)
    • Allen & Heath Xone:96 (Mac+iOS)
    • Allen & Heath Xone:PX5 (Mac+iOS)
    • RANE MP2015 (Mac+iOS)
    • RANE SEVENTY (Mac+iOS)
    • Denon X1850 Prime (Mac+iOS)
  • Redesigned user interface
  • Hardware UI: djay automatically switches to a new user interface developed and finely tuned with professional DJs when connected to DJ hardware controllers and DVS
  • Improved layout for cue points, loops, and effects
  • New audio effects: includes brand new Instant FX and a full suite of stunning new AI based audio effects that are rendered in real time
  • Pitch cue/tone play: Use pitch-altered cue points to create new musical moments from your tracks. You can choose from a variety of auto-generated scales including chromatic, minor, major, and the blues scale.
  • Cue point color editing: Change the color of your cue pads in both software and hardware to suit your workflow. Cue point colors for tracks are seamlessly synchronized across djay on Mac, iPad, and iPhone via the cloud.
  • Advanced Time Stretching: Change the tempo of a song without affecting its pitch using the enhanced industry leading élastique Pro V3 by zplane
  • Enhanced Quantize options with high precision quantization for loops and cue points
  • Booth output: Add booth volume control on supported hardware
  • Microphone input: Along with macOS, iOS devices now support microphone input
  • Enhanced Music Library Management
    • Streaming playlist editing: Edit and create TIDAL, SoundCloud, Beatport, and Beatsource playlists from within djay
    • Track root key color coding: Key tags are color coded for easy visualization
    • Numeric key information
    • Track information panel (macOS only): Quickly view the track waveform, cue locations, plus essential metadata in the new track info side panel, automatically updates content based on library track selection or active deck
    • Related tracks tag (macOS only): Group tracks that go well together by dragging and dropping for quick and easy reminders while you browse track information
    • Colored track tags (macOS only): Highlight tracks within your library using eight different colors to help your organization
    • Highlight played music: Keep better track of what you’ve already played with library color-coded text

djay Pro AI is available as a free download with the optional PRO subscription to access all content and advanced features across your iPad, iPhone, and Mac devices using the same App Store account.

With all of these innovative and creative possibilities at your fingertips, what would you mix with djay? Let us know! :headphones:

Your Algoriddim Team


This is great news! Is the Pioneer S7 plug and play across the board? For use with Rane Twelves for example? Or only plug and play for use with DVS?


Good stuff in there. Even key lock lock. :wink:

Congrats crew.


This is exciting news for sure! Nice work Algoriddim team! I’m looking forward to testing these new features out. Nice to see some of the long awaited features implemented along with continued innovation!


Is this a full list of hardware that works with DVS? Or do others?

Will it only work with the djay vinyl?

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You can find the list of natively mapped mixers here, but really any DVS-compatible mixer should work (although not all mixers support iOS):

In addition to the official djay Control Vinyl, djay also supports standard time code DVS systems that use a control tone of 1kHz (which the vast majority of DVS systems do).


The DJM-S7 is fully mapped including performance pads.

You can also directly access Neural Mix on a lot of the supported mixers via one of their performance pad modes:


Nice update! Congratulations Algorridim Team.


  • Serato Crates now show up in the Library/Playlists - very, very nice!
  • Excited to get my hands on the DVS
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Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice update! Just played around with it a little bit, LOVE the improved performance! I feel like I can trust this version a lot more than the old ones. And the new FX are amazing :heart_eyes_cat: My favorite so far is Echo Out+, makes it possible to do really long and drawn out transitions, sounds very professional.


Besides DVS, the stand-outs for me are Pitch Cue and rhythmic effects control.

Pitch Cue is really fun and expressive way to play with rhythm and transitions. There’s excellent attention to control and detail with various scales too like Major, Minor, Blues, and more.

I’m really into the new Polyrhythmic Delay effect with the time signature selection interface (which is also available on other rhythmic effects). Poly Delay captures great backbeat enhancement in 1/2, 1, 2, and 3 beat delays or creates velvety shuffles in 3/4, 5/4, 3/2, 7/4, and 5/2 signatures plus more.


Thanks for the confirmation. Also since phase is said to be compatible with any software using DVS, does it also now work with djay pro AI?


Am I the only one for whom the new 4.0 release crashes every time I try to open a playlist or load a song in “My Collection”?
This is critical bug that makes the app unusable.
For the record, I opened a ticket and submitted multiple crash reports.

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No crashes here. I’ve been putting djay Pro 4 through it’s paces for the last 3 hours using playlists in “My Collection”. It’s running rock solid for me. FWIW - I did a fresh macOS install 2 weeks ago with Monterey, so the system is spankin’ brand new / clean.

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Wow, congrats on this to the team, and thank you for listening on key lock, and it seems, better hardware integration. Can’t wait to get home to try out my Xone k2’s to see what it looks like.


really enjoying this update. connected my Akai AMX and it works well. Question: will Phase work?

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Hey @Markouchio, Sorry to hear about your experience! Thanks for submitting your information and crash reports so our team can take a closer look into this. Our Support Team will be in touch with you shortly.

Same issue here, my crash report is appended to Markouchio’s post over in the Bug Thread

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I had a similar problem. I didn’t even go to load a song from any source and it kept crashing over and over after I plugged in my S7. Then I restarted my iPad and it performed fine. I didn’t get to mess around with it a lot but will file a support ticket if it crashes like it was initially.

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From what I understand, Phase DVS uses the standard DVS control tone (1 kHZ control tone), which is supported by djay. Basically any standard DVS (1 kHZ control tone) system is supported by djay. Other uses of Phase outside of this functionality we can’t really speak to. Hope that helps! And please keep us posted how it goes for you!


This “Next Level” major updates are creating issues that either weren’t previously there or are re introducing issues that were once there and fixed…
Please guys get it right!

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