Hardware mode buttons to switch views


On the FLX4, When I hit the “Sampler” mode button above the 8 pads, I would expect that the sampler view in Day is toggled on/off the screen.

Likewise for “Hot Cue” and “Pad FX”. As it stands now, if I am viewing the list of hot cues on screen and press the “Pad FX1” button, the screen doesn’t switch to the 8 Instant pad FX screen. I have to click the FX button manually on my Mac.

I tried remapping the midi but there doesn’t seem to be a way to recognise the mode buttons (or the command to switch views).

I know the “unofficial” FLX4 midi mapping supported some of this functionality. Could it be implemented in the official version please?


Software UI changes that react to hardware buttons has been requested previously - many times.

Sadly not implemented yet though by the looks of it.


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Hi @Art as @sooteee mentioned, this is not currently possible with djay Pro. You can cast your vote to add this feature here: New MIDI Controls for toggling sampler/looper and FX, loops, cues etc

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