Hardware Unlock Table

I would like to suggest making a table where the functions that are in DJ PRO AI will be written, and which controllers unlock which functions.

I want to buy myself an inexpensive controller up to $450, and I’m considering DJ PRO AI for use, but I don’t understand at all what kind of equipment I should buy to use it with AI. Which controllers, which functions are unlocked upon purchase. On the manufacturers’ website, this information is either not available, or it is written in general words. After reading the forum and the answers from support, I understand that there is a difference in access to functions, depending on the controller.

For example, you can do this in a similar way as on the rekordbox support site

The platforms for each controller are already listed on your Hardware page, which is convenient, add information about the functions available when purchasing this equipment.

Good luck

someone had a google docs spreadheet linked in a post here in the forum…have you looked in the Support or FAQ?

Perhaps this thread might get you closer to where you want to go:


Thanks for the suggestion! Good idea. I have forwarded this to the dev team for consideration. Thanks!

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@doogie posted a Google spreadsheet here-


But that only lists descriptions of the midi actions. It doesn’t relate hardware capabilities.

I couldn’t find another.

Keep your eye out for the forthcoming
Reloop Mixtour Pro
It’s only slightly above your price point. One thing that may throw some people off is that it doesn’t have jogs.

@PKtheDJ Thanks for the tip about the pdf file on the reloop website. Looking at this table, I understand that there is no hardware that would unlock at least the basic functions for comfortable use of the program. And so, in any case, you will need a subscription. Very interesting…
Also, the differences between the platforms are terrifying. This is a complete failure

Editing playlists? I don’t understand how the reloop agreed, it seems like a complete humiliation both for themselves and for their users.

In general, after looking at this table, I don’t quite understand why the algoriddm restricts users on different platforms with different functions so much.

You could only make one cut. This is the inability in the free version to control midi devices/split cable. It could work like all other laptop programs when you have all the functionality available, like the PRO version, but without the ability to connect a controller. If you can’t connect a controller on an iPhone, this device performs more the function of a media player and pampering, “funning DJ”. Obviously, this is a great way to get acquainted with DJing for beginners or even use it as a toy, something frivolous. I would just go into AI DJ PRO and listen to music there and turn on the auto mix for my playlists.

I mean, you could look a little friendlier to users, rather than asking them from the first day to subscribe for questionable functions without a controller.

Modes such as 4 decks, PRO view, looper, single mode, playlist editing, don’t look like something you need to pay for without a controller. Let it all be in the version of the free.

You can also get by with a 30 minute lockdown, as it works in a Traktor.

But, I like how it works in Rekordbox. Even without their equipment, I can safely use all the functionality with the mouse. It looks more correct when interacting with your client.