Harmonic Match for iOS: Adjust Key (Tone) as well as Pitch (BPM)

Be able to toggle the BPM fader between a BPM fader AND a Key fader. i.e. set the BMP and the Key of a deck independantly! :slight_smile:

How was this not added to djay 2? I’m astonished. Guess I’ll stick with Traktor and the Z1. I really was ready to plonk down the money for the iDJ Pro too…

This thread is not quite the feature I want to request.



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This feature missing, is the only reason I won’t buy iPad version. I hate changing a vocals key, when adjusting speed. I prefer a preserve key feature always.

Actually I want to change sometimes the key and the speed to make the perfect mix between BPM and tone.

Hi guys,

I have the Ipad version and you can lock the key to the natural one of the song. It means that you can presever the original one.

The only problem for me is that on Itunes you can’t find any indication of keys used in song so to plan a mix it’s harder.

For all the non vocal songs, I dont mind to change the key to adapt it to the song I am playing. Problem is that you can’t do it at the moment without changing the speed.

Harmonic Match has been implemented in djay 2.1.

Please note though that this feature requires an iOS device with a 64-bit A7 processor (iPad Air, iPad Mini Retina, iPhone 5s and better).

djay 2.2.2 is out!

Thank you for your continued feedback. Over the past months we have been hard at work improving almost every aspect about djay 2 in this free update for you, most notably:

• Sound: added audio limiter, no more distortion no matter how much you turn up the bass, filter, effects, etc. (turn on/off in Settings > Advanced)
• Effects: fixed volume drop
Key detection: added setting to turn harmonic match on/off (Settings > Audio Analysis) (for all iPads that support djay 2)
• Automix: many improvements including the option to select albums, to only use songs from queue, or to use current playlist selection in library as the source (e.g. history, artists, genres, etc.)
• Queue: added setting to keep songs in the queue after they are played (Settings > Library)
• New gesture: swipe down the load button to automatically play the next track from your current playlist selection
• Enhanced song loading menu: available using tap-and-hold on load button
• iDJ Pro: added firmware upgrade that fixes channel swap issue and improves compatibility with iOS 7
• Various bugfixes and performance improvements

Thank you for using djay 2, please support us by rating the app with every update. We are looking forward to your feedback!

Your Algoriddim team

I think you guys should add a feature in the track library that shows the key of each track because my tracks have been scanned through mixed in key and works great on traktor on my windows laptop but I think it would be amazing if djay for iPad supported this!

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Showing music key in djay for harmonic mixing.

That would be a great feature!
Usually I want to make a song faster or slower without changing the key level.

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iDJ Pro with Harmonic Match.

Hey guys,

Just a short message to say how much I’m enjoying the way you’re developing things over there (can’t wait to get my iDj Pro and the app’s adapted version!).
But I think you guys forgot something quite nice in this update: the Harmonic Match for iPad…
Maybe in the near future?! :wink:


(by the way, simply loved the possibility of using vjay with the iDJ Pro; have been doing some video mapping lately, just love the idea of thinking it may happen one day, do it both -djing and projection- in the pad… =)

mixed in key with this software is the way forward. harmonic mixing sounds so much better. I use key changes and harmonic mixing when using my cdj’s and its a seamless mix every time…!!

You have this in the DJAY app for Mac but yes on the ipad version it would be great!!!

Yeah really wunderbar :slight_smile:

oha! das wusste ich nicht :slight_smile: geilomat

verwendest du neben dem iDJ Pro noch ne andere Konsole?

Also ich hab noch nen alten Numark iDJ2…den ich so langsam ausrangieren will, soweit ich alsbald mit dem iDJ Pro mich zurecht finde bzw mein 64GB iPad mit einer ordentlichen struktur gebracht habe.

Als 2. DJ Set verwende ich z.Z. den Stanton SCS4.DJ. ist nicht schlecht und hat nach einigen Firmware updates (3.2) endlich die performance die man sich wünscht. Bleibt z.Z. noch wünsche offen wie eine Crate-funktion und eine schöne (wie beim iDJ2 gewohnte) Browser-funktion. Die Strukturbildung über Playlisten finde ich leider nicht so der Hit, aber schaun wir mal was kommt :smiley:

that would be wunderbar!!! :smiley:

you can change the speed but preserve the key(tone) ! The request is to also change the key(tone) without at the same time changing the speed!

there is a thread for this: http://community.algoriddim.com/algor…

Wusstest du das Algoriddim aus München kommen? :smiley: