Have DJAY 1. Now I have to pay for DJAY 2?

So I see DJAY 2 is out but I have to pay for the new one since I already bought the first app? Please let me know if I can upgrade for free.

Thanks in advance

Most of the important stuff has been said already, but if the “new features” are something you want then you should expect to pay for the effort of having them, you can’t really expect developers to keep adding your wants and desires and gifting it to you for free as an “update”, how much would it have cost you to developer this app for yourself and then keep paying someone to update it with every new idea you had…

If you don’t want or need these features then stick with DJay 1, but I wouldn’t expect any updates from here on in for it.

Without wanting to be accused of whining, and yet painfully aware of my own lack of funds, there is a valid point to be made here.

I broadcast on the internet and I make no money for my services. I am disabled and unable to work, so with very little money available. I bought Version 1 of DJAY and adopted it for all my DJ work. Because DJAY has no broadcaster (Unlike Mixxx, which is FREE) I had to purchase Nicecast also from Rogue Amoeba.

Having missed the teasingly brief one week upgrade window I now come looking to upgrade to the new version and I discover my investment, which I expected to be devalued, is in fact worth nothing whatsoever.

The upshot of this is that new users get the same product as initial supporters, but they pay half the money. So it is that the new users get the discounted copy and the early supporters have to pay double.

Here in the UK, the new copy costs £13.99. If I had received a credit for my version 1 licence of £4.00 and been charged £9.99 for the upgrade I would not be here writing this now.

Everyone deserves payment for their work and I willingly acknowledge the earnest endeavour of the development team on DJAY. I think all the early supporters of DJAY are really looking for is some responsive acknowledgement for the support we have provided.

I sincerely doubt that a £4.00 debit from the full price would leave any Algoriddim employee out on the streets this winter.

I wonder, having read this, how many people who purchased version 1 feel similarly to myself?

I suspect I am not the only one.

Not asking for free - just a small gesture to early supporters to make us feel like valued customers. That’s good business as it makes people feel valued. I know it’s more work handling upgrades as well as new purchases, but the good feeling you can generate will pay dividends in the end, I feel sure.

First off, we’d like you to know how grateful we are for our loyal fans. It is your ongoing feedback and support that keeps us motivated to deliver the best djay app in the market. 
Since the first release of djay for iPad in Dec. 2010, we’ve delivered 18 FREE updates over the past 2.5 years, winning the Apple Design Award (2011) along the way. We’ve always listened to your requests, incorporated the most popular wishes and the positive feedback we’ve received was almost enough as payment for all the hard work. We say almost, because as a company, we have to look for our revenue every now and then. As much as we enjoy working on our apps, we have to charge an upgrade fee at some point, if we want to continue doing so. We hope you understand.
Please also note that there is no way for us to distinguish between new and existing customers in the App Store. We have no way of offering an upgrade and we can only set one price for everyone. That’s why we decided to put djay 2 on sale for the first week. 
With djay 2, we’re proud to present you the result of almost 2 years of development. Not only do we give you a whole new app with entirely new capabilities (e.g. Colored Waveforms, Waveform Mode and Sampler), we’ve also completely redesigned the library, packed with very useful features like Instant Preview. That being said, we believe that an upgrade price of 4.99$ (or 0.99$ for iPhone) is really fair. Please also take a moment and watch the overview video of djay 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJ0MipTwMQU&feature=player_embeddedThe video walks you through all new features in djay 2 and will show you that this is really a whole new app and not just an update.
Again, thank you very much for your loyalty and support. We’ve put our hearts and hard work into djay 2 and it just blows our mind. We hope you feel the same.

Although djay 1 is no longer available for sale, you can still download it if you already bought it.
Please open the App Store app on your iPad or iPhone and go to “Purchases”.
If you can’t find djay under your purchases, please check the Hidden Purchases.

Although djay 1 is no longer available for sale, you can still download it if you already bought it.
Please open the App Store app on your iPad or iPhone and go to “Purchases”.
If you can’t find djay under your purchases, please check the Hidden Purchases.

What a little kids you sound like. We’ve had free updates for years now. We have nothing to complain about with this one, and I have been quite vocal in some gripes I’ve had with this company. But this is childish. It’s not practical to never have a paid update again, they’d go broke eventually, can you really not see that?!

Plus it was/is at a cheap intro price.

Go complain about something worth complaining about.

Andy, it was cheaper at launch. If you missed it at that price then take personal responsibility for it and suck it up like a man, instead going on like a little child.

You’re a joke. In case you are too thick to realize it, everyone on this forum thinks you’re pathetic.

They’ve given us what we asked for in a new package, I don’t think there was anything wrong with what they did. They could have given a discounted ‘upgrade’ for long time djay users but I’m not really bothered.

Well said Jorge, I agree with you. I’m more than happy to pay for an amazing product with amazing staff but they could have done something like half off for existing djay users but again, I’m not bothered with re-paying, it was my way of supporting them and keeping them going.

80% of the things that were added should have been added to the first version as a free update.
We already paid 20 bucks for the app, which is alot considering how much competition there is, and how much apps normally sell for.
Its the same app doing the same thing, except now, also including the improvements people were asking for all along.
This is totally wrong imo.
But whatever, I never had that much faith in this company anyway.

The amount of people that originally paid twenty dollars for this app doesnt cover the development costs to add features for the people that paid for it?
Now were left out in the cold unless we pay again?
Or somebody just wanted an additional orange Porsche.

First off nobody is whining, its a discussion idiot.
And your missing the point.
We already paid the 20 dollars for the app, but now it wont be supported because there is a new version out thats almost exactly the same but with a ‘2’ after it.

I use Serato, mixemergency and modul8 in a professional club environment.
Djay is a toy for me and my wife to play around with at home.
Another 20 bucks is fking nothing to me.
I think about the company raking in all this dough off of the people whom 20 bux is a huge deal to worldwide. That bothers me.
I think it was a bad business decision to make djay2 and say fk all the original buyers who made us who we are today.
Greed will be the downfall, as it usually is.

I gave up on this group, so should you. I guess you really cant expect much on a public fanboy forum like this. This Arkyspa guy signed up yesterday just to say I dont have street cred. … He’s the idiot ring leader at this point.
Good luck with them.

Yes, you have to pay, every software out there, when they come out with a new version (not update but new version) makes you pay. Want Virtual DJ 8 when it comes out? You have to pay, want Office 2013 when you have 2010, you have to pay.

Do you really think they can support updating a single version of software forever on a one-time fee?

As a developer (and djay user) I support paying for the upgrade… I cannot in good will expect that they will implement everything I want but not getting paid for working… the employees also have bills to pay.

They did, the first week was at $4.99

you are correct Mark, it does not. I am also a developer (not of the djay product), and I drive 10 years old jeep liberty.