Headphone volume very low with multi-audio routing (iPad 2).

When using a Griffin iMic:

The main volume output was fine, but I had the raise the pre-cuing gain all the way to max to hear anything over my heaphones. When I swapped the headphone jack and dock connector the problem persisted.

Is there a solution for the quite pre-cuing?

I’ve got the same problem too (using griffen imic). Headphone output is too low. Will this issue get fixed any time soon?

I dj at a monthly event and it’s necessary for me to pre cue the next track i want play. The volume is so low I can’t hear it over the monitors. I’m at the point where i may need to play my next track on my ipod so I can hear it. Please make this fix one of your top priorities. Aside from this bug I am pleased with the product, but the bug is pretty major.

The solution i’m currently using which does the trick is a combination of the fiio E6 headphone amp and a pair of loud ear buds. I use entry level senheiser ear buds, which are pretty loud. The ear buds sound louder since you can dig them into your ear and block out external sound (I know it’s not preferable). The headphone amp helps a lot, it’s about $30 and is half the size of a box of tic-tacs. Here’s a link:


If you live in toronto there’s a store uptown that sells it.

Sorry, are you saying you know of another dj app without this issue or are you looking for one? If the former, then what’s the name of the app?

Hey Marcus, yes the E5 does boost the volume but not by a lot which is why I need to use it with earbuds. The combination produces a reasonable result but using earbuds sucks. I hope you find that the E11 does the trick. It’s ironic how possible solutions to this annoying problem cost more than the app itself! To any dejay developer watching this thread please provide us some status regarding what has/will be done about this issue.

Thanks Jonny! I’ll be giving this app a try. Just in time for my gig this friday.

This is awesome! But for me the steps involved connecting my audio interface first (ART usb pro sound card) and then my headphones, otherwise the decks won’t play. Anyways there’s full headphone volume range accessed through the iPad’s headphone volume button. Nice and loud!!!

Thanks Warren!!

In my case, the ipad’s volume button and dejay’s precue headphone control are the only things that affect the headphone output. Dejay’s master volume control only affects the master output. Everything works fine for me.

Niall: what’s your audio setup? The above solution only applies when using external audio interfaces like the Griffin iMic.

In the current iOS, there is no way to change the volume when using multi-routing. We already submitted a feature request for this.

Well that’s the problem: The volume is automatically set by the system and cannot be changed.

Hi Everyone,

Great news. We just tested multi-routing with iOS 6.1 and it seems like it’s now possible to change (raise) the headphone volume.

  • plug in your headphones first
  • connect your audio interface
  • raise the system volume to the max (this step is important)
  • launch djay

Now, you can change/set the headphone volume using the buttons on your iPad. This was not possible on iOS 6.0.1.

Have you tried the steps I posted above?

The volume buttons ONLY affect the HEADPHONE volume and not the master output.

The setup described above gives you FULL volume on BOTH outputs!!

I don’t want to change the volume, I just want the headphone volme to match the output volume, currently it is significantly lower.

That doesn’t bother me. The main output volume is set by the system and it’s fine, the headphone volume, which is also set by the system, is too low.

Why are you using Djay to watch a movie at the gym?

And if you’re not, why aren’t you complaining to Apple about something Algoriddim has no control over?

I’ve got the same problem, pre cueing volume turned up to full but you can’t hear the track you’re trying to cue!

Same set up, Griffin Imic, can anyone help?