Headphones not working w/ Bluetooth set up on Reloop Buddy

The headphones don’t work out of the controller when I’m connected to any Bluetooth speaker. How can you precue on Bluetooth if you can’t get it to play through reloop a BT speaker at the same time? Brought this on Amazon because it was suppose to help but hasn’t. Bluetooth headphones only work when connected to my PC and never my iOS devices.

Note! Different Bluetooth Versions: What You Need to Know - Headphonesty

" An example of those features is Dual Audio. It allows you to connect two pairs of headphones to a single phone. Or play music from one phone on two different speakers. Unfortunately, Dual Audio is limited only to Bluetooth 5 devices. You can’t use this feature when paired with a Bluetooth 4.2 device."

So all your equipment needs to support Bluetooth 5 with “Dual audio”.
Unfortunately it’s pain to find out exactly which devices supports what… even if manufacturer might say that they support bluetooth 5… they might forgot to tell that “dual audio” isn’tsupported…

There is also this “low latency” version of bluetooth, which should be better for dj’s…
But I won’t even try to use bluetooth as the latency between phone and speaker is so long that it makes mixing almost impossible.

Search this forum and you find a lot of discussion about bluetooth… Which things “might” work and which doesn’t.

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Yes, this “everything wireless and easy” is a mindset that bursts a bunch of bubbles.
Most systems have a number of I/O options, and they get overlooked. making them work together is the challenge.
Output to system audio - #4 by heysoundude is a thread this one could get merged with, mods.

The latency drives me crazy anyway. :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Yeah, everything needs to be wired. How anyone can enjoy djaying over bluetooth is totally beyond me.

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