Headphones with djay in club

Looking for some help and assistance: I will be DJ’ing in a club using the djay algoriddim app (the classic version) from my iPad. I have a cable and an adapter connecting my iPad to the mixer.
The issue: When I plug in headphones (to the iPad) the music stops. What do I need to make my headphones work - without causing the music to stop?
Any help will be much appreciated :pray:

Hi @DJSmiley you either need to use a DJ controller with built-in audio interface, an external audio interface or a DJ headphone splitter cable.

Hi Slak_Jaw,
Can you specify what I need in order to use the solutions you suggest. Links will be very useful.
Re the split cable - could it be the Traktor DJ cable? If I use this the music will not stop when I Connect the cable to my iPad?


  1. DJ Controllers: We have a list of natively supported DJ controllers on our website. Just select iOS as your OS and choose from the list: DJ Controllers, DJ Mixers and other DJ Accessories | Algoriddim
  2. Audio Interfaces: there’s a great discussion about audio interfaces here: Precueing using external USB sound cards - #5 by Michael_Wisniewski
  3. Splitter Cables: yes, the Traktor DJ cable will work fine. If your iPad has a headphone socket, simply connect the splitter cable directly. If your iPad is USB-C only, you will need an official Apple USB-C to headphone adapter as well as the splitter cable. I found these video tutorials for using a splitter cable (4:11 in the video): https://youtu.be/KYicMgb8fqU?si=-8Wl2y59ORU6dCy7

@DJSmiley also I recommend you read the tips in this thread to ensure the best experience with djay Pro AI on your iOS device: iOS Specific Advice / Tips

Thank you very much.
I think the solution for me at this point will be the Traktor DJ cable.
Can you recognize my problem - that an ordinary headphones cable Director into the iPad causes the music to stop?

You’re welcome. I recommend that you always connect the cables to your iPad before starting the music. I also recommend that you turn Bluetooth OFF on your iPad before DJing.

I understand. But still … is it correct that I cannot use my headphones cable directly into the iPad?

Yes, you should be able to connect your headphones direct to the iPad, but you cannot at the same time connect to the audio system or speakers. You need a splitter cable at a minimum to use both.

Can you please provide a screen shot of your Settings>Audio Device Setup when your headphone cable is connected?

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