HELP PLEASE Using Dj Pro on Xdj-RX

Hi Luke,

Do you have plans to natively support XDJ-RX the way you support the XDJ-1000? or is the demand only focused towards midi mapping?

Just wondering if this is a technical limitation due to the hardware configuration, or if lack of native support is just due to limited resources.

Love the product!


Thanks for the update Lukas. Looking forward to DJAY supporting XDJ-RX!

Please add an other count by the user requests.
I would like the XDJ-RX to work with DJAY2 on a IPad AIR.
Please keep us updated.
Kind regards Rob from the Netherlands

Currently I got it working with the mappings file of the MacBook versionof djay. So primarily it is not the native support I’m looking for. It’s the possibility to external mix with Djay 2 and Djay pro (both for IPad). So please let me know if we can expect external mixing functionality (where we are able to export both player channels separately) in the near future.

For this situation I’m also looking how to export audio and charge the IPad AIR at the same time on 1 lightning connector.

Kind regards, Rob

And count for me as well. Great controller and djay pro is a great app, i definately need it in combination with an ipad

Good news, will there also come an update on windows?

Another one here wanting support for the Xdj-Rx

I’m another who will not be using DJ Pro with out Xdj-rx .Algoriddim are not ‘working on it’ otherwise it would be done. This thread is a mere platitude. There is either no intention or the threshold for development has not been reached. Either way we don’t know. Perhaps the software should be renamed DJ Semi Pro or better DJ Amateur or best DJ no supprort we don’t listen.

+3 Here PLEASE! I too am eagerly waiting for the xdjrx support to purchase djay pro as well. Thanks

11 months since “being aware of demand”…

Good mapping, nice the platter displays work now.

Is it possible to get the info of djay Pro to the display of the XDJ-RX, just like it does with the CDJ’s? Especially for the tempo’s. Cause the 1 thing that actually bugs me with this controller, is that the tempo’s are not recognised. Makes working with Beat Effects very slowly, cause you have to tap it each time you select a different channel → goes back to 120bpm every time… <:o></:o>

Euhm, just got the mapping working for the XDJ-RX2 too. A little copy and pasting from within the XDJ-RX file and it works just as with the RX. <:o></:o>
Tried to figure out how to illuminate the pads, but there seems no midi-message working to lit them up. Hope you can help Lukas E. :stuck_out_tongue:

O best thing is with the RX2; Auto Beat Detect (Beat FX) works now!

Cheers and have fun!…

Try this:…

I got a xdj-rx and I would switch to DJAy if it could get supported!

For thoses who complain about support over here, you never been on native instruments forum! I find them pretty good and fast! I been a traktor user since final scratch and I now use rekordbox but soon I feel that ill be a DJay pro user! Thanks Lukas E!

Good to hear! I hope to see XDJ support on iPad soon!

That would be great! Another count for XDJ-RX support.

Hi Danilo,

I have exactly the same problems you describe! I hope official support is following soon because i would really like the Djay / Spotify / XDJ-RX (mixer) combo!

I know that in the MAC OS version of Djay Pro there was an option to configure audio device where you could select master out (LINE XDJ-RX ch1-2) and precueing (LINE XDJ-RX ch3-4) seperately.

Kind regards,

This is just awesome news!

Just when you thought all hope for support for the XDJ-RX is over, BAM!

Yes, that would be great! I noticed a lot of gear is only supported on Djay Pro for Mac, (e.g. Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS/2) what’s reason these and many other Pioneer gear is not supported on the Windows version?