Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200 Mk2 MIDI Map Download

What’s up everyone?

As it seemed there was no MIDI map for the Hercules Inpulse 200 Mk II for djay on iOS uploaded either here or DJ Tech Tools, I have went ahead and taken the time to map out the controller to the best of my ability. Everything works for the most part, and I have even added some additional functionality with some important caveats. Everything you see on the controller has been mapped to what it says it is, with a couple things modified as per the below:

1.) “Assist./Prep.” Button: I am not sure what this would have done normally, but I went ahead and mapped it to cycle through your available sources e.g. Apple Music, Tidal, SoundCloud, Local Storage, etc.

2.) Browser Knob: Simply scrolling left or right will pull up the list of whatever you’re playing from and begin scrolling left or right. Push in on the knob, and it will take you back up a menu layer in case you wanted to change the playlist, folder, etc. This same action will also drill down a menu layer.

3.) Left Shift+Left Stems (Sampler): This pulls up and subsequently toggles off the sampler as normal, however you will also need to hit Right Shift+Stems (Sampler) so that the light blinks indicating you’re on the 2nd layer in order to access the other 4 pads in the Sampler. The samples correspond to Pads 1,2,1,2 (across the top row of pads spanning decks 1 AND 2), and 3,4,3,4 (across the bottom row of pads spanning decks 1 AND 2).

4.) Left Shift+Right Stems (Sampler): I mapped this to toggle the Looper functionality. In order to use the pads for the Looper, as above, you need to ensure the lights for both Stems buttons are flashing. Then, use Shift+1,2,1,2 (across the top row of pads spanning decks 1 AND 2) for the top row of the Looper. For the bottom row, use Shift+3,4,3,4 once again spanning the bottom row of pads across both decks.

5.) Beatmatch Guide: I mapped this button to be “Automix On/Off” for convenience, but you could make it Record on/off or whatever you see fit.

6.) Shift+Jog: Quickly searches through the track forward and backwards. Moving the jog while a track is playing on that deck will switch over to scratch mode.

7.) Shift+Hotcue (FX): For both decks, Pad 1 turns on the effect, while Pads 3 & 4 cycle through the effects backwards and forwards. If you hold Shift+Pad 3 or 4, then this will decrease or increase the parameters of the effect you selected respectively. I mapped the unused Pad 2 for each deck to “Censor” which plays the track in Reverse. Similar to the REV button on Pioneer gear, except it isn’t a toggle and therefore requires that you hold it down to keep reversing (likely can change this behavior by setting the button to “Toggle” in the mapping).

8.) Shift+Loop: This will toggle Slip mode On/Off on each deck respectively.

One last thing to note, is that you should set djay to “Hardware Mode” in order to allow the Sampler and Looper work as described above. I think that about covers it all. If you have any suggestions or gripes, please reach me in my Discord server in which we perform live A/V sets every week! I am th3StonedApe.

DJControl Inpulse 200 Mk2.djayMidiMapping (31.7 KB)


thank you very macth to Hercules inpulse 200 mk2 dj controller mapping. you saved me from a huge waste of time…


You’re most welcome good sir.

I might suggest opening up the mapping utility if there’s anything you don’t use or like and map it to something you can use. Or, even if you just want to see what all is mapped to what as-is - It’s very easy to do! I had a lot of fun getting to know the controller and making things exactly how I wanted them. The inpulse 200 is a very capable controller with its multiple layers. I nearly had it mixing 4 decks just messing around with the MIDI learn utility to see if it was possible. I did actually, but was missing a lot of the features I had for decks 1 & 2 so I went back to a 2 channel config.

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Thank you! Will this work for MacOS?

Of course!

I would doubt it given that it did not work for my iPad I recently picked

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So with this mapping you can use the inpulse 200 mk2 with djay??? because I want to buy it but on the page it says that it is only available for the first one :smiley: