HID with Phase DJ

Hi guy’s from Algoriddim, is there a change that i can use phase dj with HID and not RCA’s ?
My pioneer djm-s7 have a bug on the left side of channel 1, a anoing tonal sound when i use rca cabels.

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I would love to see HID support added for Phase.

As an aside, RMA that S7 and get a replacement. That mixer is too new to have a grounding issue.

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Hi @Rob_Andriessen,

Thanks for posting your suggestion.

We’ve passed this continued feedback along to our dev team for further review and will update this thread as new information comes in.

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Dear Pioneer dj,

I have solved the problem of the tonal noise when using Phase dj.

The tonal sound was when I connected Phase dj with rca cables on the left side of channel one on my DJM-S7 “PHONE” input. Why do I use the phone input ? Because when I connected Pase dj to the “LINE” input it didn’t work ! Now the DJM-S7 is a SERATO mixer, it comes with it.

Here is the solution:

Connect the DJM-S7 to your computer or laptop.

Start “REKORDBOX” and go to the settings - Audio - Mixer Mode external - Input channels Settings Utility (These are the settings for the DJM-S7)

  • Go to the tab “output settings” and change the output for channels one and two from “PHONE” to “LINE” for both channels.

Now you can connect Phase dj with rca cables to the line input of the DJM-S7 without the “nasty” tonal sound, works with all the dvs software.

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That’s not the same as hid

Hi Rob, Is it true that you have to change the input settings with a computer each time you power on the DJM-S7? I heard the line/phono dvs settings are reset everytime the DJM-S7 is powered off.

Phase HID with Algoriddim Djay on iPad would be great indeed!

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Not when you are using a laptop, i use a macbook air M2, and it works always first time. But when i hook up my iphone it don’t work.
Then i have to first hook up my macbook and start DJAY PRO with PHASE DJ and then when it works switch to my iphone. Than the iphone works with PHASE DJ. By the way with my iphone dvs works first time with timecode vinyl.
Did you know that there is a settings utility software for the DJM-S7 ? HERE

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Thanks for your reply. Don’t have the S7 yet, but have been eying it. But if I have to go though the utility setting on a mac each time I want to use it with Phase and Djay (on the iPad), I won’t bother.

I hope Pioneer wil update the firmware in a way the S7 would remember the last chosen setting. But i’m not holding my breath on this one.

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Maybe i’m looking too much into this, but read this today:

bringing brand-new Phase updates that increase performance with new features, adding other HID integrations with different DJ software, and more.


please algoriddim enter HID support for Phase. now RCA are old and obsolete. RCA signal is not as clean as HID mode. also with the hid mode you don’t have to insert all the cables every time. I hope for this update.



I’m hoping for this… this would help a lot.


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Hi guys.
I’ve seen that there was a post about this topic but it was closed in 2023.
Phase opened up their code to use for different dj softwares to be used via HID.
I don’t want RCA cables anymore.

PLEASE make that happen in another update :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:
I need another reason to use djay more than serato :laughing:

The update was only released yesterday!

Phase originally released the firmware update with open HID in November, but then withdrew it again.

Thx Man. Didn’t know that. Hope that the HID will come sooner than later now :grinning::pray:

Hi @G-Rebel, I’ve reopened the original post and merged yours with it. This has already been shared with the dev team for consideration. Thanks!

Did not know it was pulled. I noticed the firmware update yesterday (did not update yet though)

HID integration would make life simpler with less cables, and hope it brings more stability like the HID integration for Serato.

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Are we any closer to HID mode for phase?