History match suggestion and pad fx

Hi all!!!
One of the greatest features I use and is the one that keeps me from moving entirely to DJay Pro, is the button that matches two songs together and when I play the one, the second comes always first at the match list. For example I accidentally do a great transition and I need to remember that these songs vibe great together!
Another is for the match list to suggest me up to maybe 7 songs that I’ve played before and after the song that plays now. That really helps in panic situations! Because matching bpm and genre doesn’t always help in different styles of djing.
Cross my heart and looking forward for upcoming updates of this great dj software.

PS: Oh and we all need some settings for the pad fx (the phaser for example is sooo rough and sounds “toyish”) There are already great effects with wet/dry & mix settings, maybe the ability to assign those on the pads somehow. And what about some pages/banks for pad fx (I GOT TO USE 'EM ALL!!!)

Thank you for reading!!

Hi @D-mosh,

These are all really great suggestions!

Would you mind splitting this thread into multiple smaller threads each with their own suggestion so that we and users can better track and vote on these feature requests?

Thank you so much!

ok can you please delete this post, so I can make two new? I can’t seem to find a way to delete it!!!

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Hey @D-mosh,

No worries, I will do so and I will take care of the new threads you have created at the links below.

Thanks so much!