Hot Cue Jumping to 1 bar before when jumping out of a Loop

  • Device model iPad 11 inch 4th
  • Version of operating system iOS 17.5
  • Version of djay 5.1.6
  • Hardware/controllers used Reloop Mixon 8 Pro

This is a new and different problem to what I mentioned maybe a few months ago where the quantise wasn’t working well. Last night after a few hours of DJing at a gig I don’t remember what the track was cause I was right in the middle of a busy gig but Loop was playing and then I hit the performance pad to jump to the hot cue. I had sink and quantise on and for some strange reason the track jumped the bar before the hot que and then carried on playing. oh and felt pretty stupid. lol.

I know you’re gonna ask me to reproduce it and try to video it but it’s such an intermittent problem it’s hard to get but I’ll try. the quantise cue/loop is on and set to 1 bar.


Hi @Nubium, thanks for the details. I will pass this onto the engineering team to see if they can reproduce this based on your description, but yeah, a video illustrating this would be very helpful. Thanks!

As I said, it’s an intermittent problem so I don’t know when it’s gonna happen so I don’t know how to catch it on video. I’m doing another gig tonight I’ll let you know what happens.

Taking advantage of the topic, I also had a similar problem, I was waiting to see if anyone else had happened, in my case it was in play at the time of the first beat with quantize active and crossfader fx turned on, the application insisted on skipping the 4 beats of the bar backwards Instead of just 1 hit, it occurred after more than an hour of use, I still haven’t been able to repeat it but if I can I’ll try to make a video.

Device model iPad 10 inch
Version of operating system iOS 17.3
Version of djay 5.1.7
Hardware/controllers used Hercules Inpulse 500

Hi @Nubium, the engineering team has a some follow up questions:

  1. Did you have the “deactivate loop when jumping outside of loop” setting in the advanced preferences unchecked (which it is by default)?
  2. Do you remember the length of his loop when that happened? You said it jumped to a bar before the cue point, was that exactly 1 bar before (and the tracks were still in sync) or was it just offset somewhere before the cue point resulting in off sync?

2 bar loop And it jumped exactly for beats before the hot cue It stayed in sink

Perfect. Thanks @Nubium

Hello during a wedding last night, the same thing happened. The track is dynamite by Taio Cruz. Four Bar Loop towards the end of the track and I hit the performance pad to jump to the start of the track where he starts singing, but for some reason, it jumps for beats before. At least it stays in time!!

Thanks for the additional info @Nubium

Again, it’s an intermittent problem.

I have a similar problem as well on the regular basis. I am starting a track on the loop (middle or end of the song) and after fading it in I want to jump to my hot cue, but instead it randomly jumps to start of the song. When I tried to record it it started to work just fine, so hell, no Idea what starts this. I need this to be fixed reaaaly bad. In the style of music I am playing this technique is essential

I am using version 5.1.7 on Mac.Sonoma 14.4.1 and my controller is Pioneer FLX 4

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Hi @Akrilovy, thanks for sharing the details. So far, our engineering team has not been able to reproduce this issue. If you could try to capture a video of this, that would really aid in troubleshooting the issue. Thanks!

Ok, I will try my best. Meanwhile I decided to make a separate topic for this

Thanks! These topics seem closely related so I think it will be better to discuss them all here to keep the conversation organized. I’m going to delete the other topic.

im so glad im not the only one. and that it isnt my Mixon 8 controller. and mine does jump to the start of the track, which happened to be 4 beats before the hot cue.


Hi again @Akrilovy and @Nubium, I spoke with engineering again and they have some follow up questions to help narrow this down.

  1. Do you have Cue Quantization ON (with what interval, presumable 1 beat default)?
  2. Roughly where is the target Hot Cue point located in the song (beginning, middle, or end of song, i.e. are you jumping backward or forward from where you started)?
  3. Is Key Lock ON?


Quantization is on and set to 1beat
Target cue point is close to the song start (usually bar 5 or 9) so I am jumping backwards outside of the loop.
Key lock I never use, so whatever value is by default in the app.

Thanks @Akrilovy. This is very helpful.

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I just put that above to remind me what you asked.

Quantization is on and said to one beat.

The target hot cue is the second bar of the track

Key lock is on.