How can I connect DJ Pro for Mac to Sonos Play 1 for output?

+1 on this and Last.FM integration!

The closest solution I’ve been using is to AirPlay DJ Pro throughout the house on the Sonos speakers. It looks like that’s the best we’re gonna get considering people have been asking for this for 4 years.

Please please make this happen.

The latest sonos update allows Spotify playback directly from the Spotify app, without opening the Sonos app. Does that open a door to do the same through Djay, since I mostly play Spotify tracks in Djay anyway? Or since you clearly have some kind of relationship with Spotify could Djay functionality somehow be added as an “in-app purchase” within Spotify’s app, so playback actually outputs from Spotify’s app and thus can stream directly to Sonos?

I would gladly pay $2.99+ again rather than spending $500+ to purchase an AirPort Extreme and Sonos connect… and the additional exposure would no doubt attract a lot of more paying Djay users, if you can get Spotify on board.

Because of the wifi delay what Sonos outputs might not exactly match where the cursor on the waveform graphic is, but I suspect that wouldn’t matter to most Djay users who don’t use features like loops, sound effects, scratching etc that require visual precision. Most who often use those advanced features probably have better sound systems anyway…

Here is another push to have this feature added ASAP

Please do this!!!


Is there any news on this I’d be interested. The superior sound quality of DJ Pro being played directly to Sonos device would be great.
Is it something you are working on?


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I would love to be able to use djay Pro or djay2 with my Sonos system for great parties. Any chance you are working on a way to do this? Sonos people said it is up to you to work with their platform…

Connected my Mac, in the D jay mode, analogue to a Play 5 audio in, with a 3.5 mm cable, select the source in Sonos menu and it works!
It wirelessly connects with the rest of my Sonos players as normal.

Groetjes Paul

altijd het zelfde Patrick, deze mensen hebben een forum maar komen NOOIT met een oplossing …

No, and they never will…

I just set up a few Sonos speakers in my home, I’d love to see this integration.

I need the same, I would love to play djay pro with my sonos one

I’d love to have this. I’ve just read through a really long forum post in a sonos forum where dozens of people are exactly asking for that!

For the time being I’ve found this way of doing it free:…

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it would be great if you could use this thread to show your interest in the Sonos integration.
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Thank you all for feedback, we really value your thoughts.

I added this post to our internal issue tracking system for a Sonos integration.
Please proceed to share your feelings towards the issue.

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thank you all for pushing this topic. The integration is already an issue in our tracking system and it would be great if our users continue to share their thoughts in order to push the implementation.

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