How can I scroll through and load songs from my queued tracks?

I can only switch between selecting playlists and songs when toggling between library windows. I can’t figure out what function I need to map a button to in order to select or use “load next” from the queue.

I think this is the same issue.

@Craig_Dean_the_DJ I went through all of the available MIDI commands and couldn’t find one for this either. Even if you manually select a track in the Queue list, the Browse knob remains in the previous list. So it appears there are no MIDI mappable commands for this.

The only way I was successfully able to navigate and select tracks from the Queue list without using the touch screen was with a wireless mouse. The scroll wheel on a mouse will properly scroll through the list and you can load tracks with a couple of mouse clicks. Not ideal I realize, but perhaps a useful work around for you.

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