How do I get an answer from support?

I have a problem on iOS where my external drive shows up but with no tracks … all the tracks are on the disk, they played properly for the past few weeks and then just disappeared on the track list.

Plug drive in … it appears in files without issue, the name shows in dJay but with no tracks listed.

I’ve sent in a support request and asked in the bugs on iOS - no reply other than a standard ZenDesk support ticket number.

The software is unusable and it looks like I’ve lost months of tagging (it’s 750GiB of 30 years DJing).

Any suggestions gratefully received - either as to how I get support, or how to fix the files disappearing from the app. I can see the files in the playlists - but they’re all greyed out, so unavailable to play.

Thanks in advance.

There are at least two mods here in the forum who are reading the bug reports, but the last days they are a little bit quiet. Maybe sick or holiday.
I have liked one of them in my buggy bug :bug: report.
Let’s try also here @Lukas_E & @Emily :pray:t4::black_heart::pray:t4::black_heart::pray:t4:

Thank you, much appreciated.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for reaching out via email and also here in the Forums. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I’ve double-checked with our Support Team and it looks like they’re looking into this issue for you currently and will respond to you via email to get more specifics about this.

Thanks again and just let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime!

Thank you - I got a reply. But nothing since. The app’s useless in the meantime. If there are any work-arounds that will let me use it without losing the months of tagging, I’d appreciate a pointer or two.

Thanks in advance.

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