How do you manage library in iOS/iPad

In the iPad file management view, only BPM, Key, Artist , Album & Name are there. But I can’t add/view tags or comments, or even ID3. How do you guys manage your library in this case? Any best practice suggestions?

Sadly the MacOS version can’t sync playlist with iOS, but I do like play with an iPad which almost feels like a standalone unit. I think the files management is the one most thing I missed from Serato.


Hi @seewhymoon, personally I do all of my metadata editing of my local music on my laptop first, then I use iTunes/Music to copy the music files to my iOS devices.


I use iTunes/Apple Music app to manage my local library, make playlists and smart playlists etc. Then sync this to my iPad.

Would love a better way to do this. I know I can add files to Djay on my iPad directly through the files app, but it feels kinda cumbersome. I’m struggling to find the best workflow as well. Will follow this topic, hope someone has better ideas.


Is there a way to use an external drive to sync across MacOS & iOS?

We already have a thread about managing your collection across PC/Mac and iOS/iPadOS here:

How transfer My Collection, including audio files to another device.

Until Djay supports full sync we have to apply work arounds… :neutral_face:

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Even so still the names of the calumns are can sort by album but you can’t see the album column name and i am a reggae and dancehall dj and its very difficult to manage without it