How transfer My Collection, including audio files to another device

Hi, I have two questions:

(1) can the Algoriddim staff provide detailed directions on how to make a complete backup of “My collection” section in DJAY Pro 5 for MacOS, including files, folder organization and track analysis, as well as on how to install the “My collection” backup in a differente MacOS computer?

(2) What would be the procedure for installing that backup “My collection” in an IOS or Android cellphones?

As you see, I´m not interested in using Apple Music for syncing between devices. I would rather be interested in doing regular backups (for obvious security reasons) and transfer occasionally the “My collection” crate (that is so cool, allowing to integrate local and all different streaming options) to other devices.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @CCuenca,

  1. djay Pro stores all My Collection playlists, history, queue, as well as all per-song metadata like hot cue points and saved loops in the djaymedialibrary database file.
  2. Personally, I perform regular manual backups of this database to an external drive and cloud backup service.
  3. If you ever need to recover an older database from the backups you made in step 2, you simply save it over the database file in its original location in the djay folder.
  4. For more details on where to find this database please refer to the attached article for macOS:
  5. On iOS, you can find the djaymedialibrary database using the Files App and navigating to On My iPad/iPhone>djay>User Data.
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@Slak_Jaw This only covers the part of @CCuenca’s question about backup.

But more interesting is the part about copying MyCollection from a Mac to an iOS device, and vice versa.

Until we have full sync of metadata and audio files, I would also be very interested in how to manually copy the library database and audio files from a Mac to an iPhone/iPad. This would allow us to

  1. add/prep new music on the Mac in the studio
  2. copy to iPhone/iPad
  3. perform with gear and iPhone/iPad

Currently, if you just copy over the djaymedialibrary database and the audio files, then DJay won’t find the audio files because the file system paths cannot be the same on MacOS and iOS.

Is there some kind of workaround for this? Maybe you can point DJay to the root of the audio file directory tree?

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@nso thanks, that’s indeed the most intereating question, in which I also included android devices. I hope @Slak_Jaw can help us with that.

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Thanks for the additional clarification. I’ve gone ahead and changed the title of this post accordingly to make the question more clear. I’ll check with the dev team to see if they have any suggestions.

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It looks like you created this extensive thread below in 2020. So many users have replied.

Was that before you were on staff, as you’re currently tagged?

If so, how are we in 2024 (knocking on four years later) without this feature baked into every device/OS?

Any plans or update from Algoriddim?

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Hi @Metaphysical, thanks for your feedback.

Yes, I’ve been a dedicated djay user and active member of this community a lot longer than I’ve been an Algoriddim employee (October 2023). I’m not a software engineer so I do not know the intricacies of any technical challenges to make certain features work. I do know from experience, that some things are outside the control of software developers and locked down or limited by the OS provider. Also, I cannot comment on the development roadmaps or release dates for any features of this software. What I can do, is share your comments with the devs and offer help and workarounds where I can based on my years of using this software. I hope that helps answer your question. Also, I will follow up with the dev team on this topic again. Thanks for your comments and feedback!

Great to meet you. I’ve been using some version of DJay literally since it arrived and I had a Vestax VCI-100. I still have the Brand Red Deck Skins on iOS for frame of reference. They came out a long time ago on DJay One.

Other Software can sync across platforms… you can get it done, let people know it’s in the works, or let people know it won’t be prioritized at this time— so we can make educated decisions about our professional or recreational needs.

I’ll try the workaround since most of my content is Streaming from Beat Source and Apple Music as of today, but constantly moving my Collection database is not my idea of fun in the AI age.

Honestly, Algoriddim is allocating brainpower to VR and should probably button up things the professional DJ needs first, like this feature and using CPU or iPad Pro processing power to deliver cleaner Stems (an area you pioneered) and most importantly, stability in live performance.

The app should rarely, if ever, crash, freeze, or close unexpectedly. For professional use, it needs to lock-in.

FYI that I’m mainly using Windows Djay AI since beta in the latest release but I own iOS and Mac versions. I’m running two Windows laptops which are blown out i7 and i9, SSD, Graphics Cards, 16 and 32 GB of RAM.

I’ve got latest iPhone Pro and love Automix in my car despite not having My Collection. I can get “recent sessions” or my Beat Source playlists. I’d love a simple CarPlay app just for Visuals so I don’t need to squint at my phone (distracting slightly). My “next button” on steering wheel already triggers the blends!!! I don’t need to touch the CarPlay app, just see what’s playing and what’s next.

I have an old but decent spec iPad and I play around a bit, and believe it or not, I’d upgrade to an iPad Pro just for DJay but I keep reading about crashes.

Mainly, we need these collections to sync. I’m spending a lot of money on Algoriddim except for software for which I’m “grandfathered in”.


Hello @CCuenca, @Metaphysical and @nso,

I spoke with engineering and we do not have an officially recommended procedure for this mainly due to the fact that there is a huge variation in how people choose to manage their music files. Also, there are extreme restrictions imposed by iOS on how djay can work with these files.

Having said that, it basically involves 3 steps:

  1. Transfer the djay media library database file to the other device.
  2. Transfer the audio files to the other device (e.g. via iTunes/Music, USB drive, iCloud, etc.)
  3. Relink the audio files on the new device to the items in the media library. This is done by selecting and reimporting the files into My Collection.

NOTE: For macOS to iOS the recommended way to manage audio files is still to use iTunes/Music as this is much simpler and more reliable. In most cases Step 3 above is not required as djay can usually find the tracks in My Collection in the iTunes library automatically.


Thanks @Slak_Jaw! That 3rd item is the crucial one. Hadn’t thought about that.

My music collection is in a directory tree, so hopefully I can tell the iOS version of DJay to re-import all songs by pointing out the top-level collection directory. I will try it out.

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You’re welcome @nso. Please report back and let me know how it goes.

Have you tried adding the pertinent folders to your list of sync’ed folders in iCloud on both devices and letting iCloud manage the djay database and music folders, if you have a large enough storage plan for the music?

This is working for me between Windows laptops using djay on each.

For MacOS to iOS the database file renaming is still a necessary action step for us obviously.

I’m still troubleshooting and trying to find workarounds for Windows djay sync to BOTH iOS and MacOS as described above, I own (and enjoy using) djay on all three platforms. I was at least able to get both of my Windows laptops sync’d.

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I have now experimented a bit, and it almost works.

I copy over the directory containing the audio files from my Mac to local storage on the iOS device (iPad in this case). I also copy over the medialibrary. When I start DJay I see the expected playlists in My Collection. And as expected the tracks are not linked to any files.

I can relink tracks by first making a linked folder to the audio files directory I copied over. But to re-link those audio files to the playlists, I have to browse down to each individual sub folder that contains audio files and select “Add all to playlist…”. Then I need to specify a playlist to add to. For this test I created a temporary playlist in My Collection called “relink”. Now the audio files in that specific sub folder are re-linked.

The problem is that I have to go through all sub folders to re-link all, which is not practical with a large-ish collection. If only I could do a recursive “Add to My Collection…” when in the root of the linked folder. DJay on MacOS supports recursively adding a linked folder to My Collection. Could we have that also on iOS?

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All my audio files are already on iCloud Drive, and I already use that to keep my Virtual DJ and Serato libraries in sync between 2 Macs. Similar to your setup. It works well as long as you remember to only have the DJ app open on one machine at a time. I am sure it will work with DJay as well between Macs because you can have same file paths on both systems.

But iCloud Drive on iOS is not suitable for this setup because iOS does not automatically download an audio file from iCloud when DJay tries to open it. Also, the file paths are different on iOS and MacOS so we have to do the manual re-linking, which is tedious as it is now. On MacOS you can disable “Optimize storage” option, which ensures that all files on iCloud Drive are always downloaded (like Dropbox works (or used to work)). But as far as I know, this option is not available on iOS.

It’s funny to feel so close— and so far away, from this solution.

Thanks for posting your notes.

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It is possible to copy the database from MacOS/Windows to IOS, and from IOS to MacOS/Windows, if there is a printout because I couldn’t, the contents of the folders seem to be different. From MacOS to Windows I did it.

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It would be perfect to have a feature (same as Rekordbox have) to sync all with cloud .


The product marketing message of using this tool across all devices should be updated. On the website it states: “New in djay is an advanced library management system that is built around a sophisticated integration with your music library, videos, and the Files app. djay now also offers its own playlists that make music management easier than ever.”

This is a false claim since it’s making it more difficult to manage music. I felt technical until I attempted the above to be able to organize playlists, cue points, etc. on the desktop then try to use them on the iPad. Moving a database around isn’t that intuitive to me (and I assume others) so could you create a video showing how this is done? Put this on the Product Manager’s P1 task list, yes… the Product Manager who decided that synching playlists should not be released.

It is quite amazing how an assumed feature - especially after reading the website - is not there. Users can now connect each device with a login already. So the database could be stored with Algoriddim and then have the files in iCloud, local, or other. Even if you have strict rules for the first iteration of this feature would be welcomed.

My vote would be to focus on DJ’s with downloaded songs only for now and not worry about streaming services. Own the database so when users login with a device - or upgrade - the database is hosted by algoriddim and the files are on iCloud. Can that be the MVP of this solution? Please :slight_smile:


Great comment, @DJJameson

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I’m quite new to this so my workflow might not be optimal. I wonder how you are doing this.

I have my “master library” with all my mp3s in iCloud. As the iOS devices need to download the files from iCloud all the time I store the library locally on my iPad and a USB-stick as well.

Doing that I experienced some weird behavior multiple times, such as:

  1. When I reorganised files within my master library (moved them into a sub folder) I lost cue points everywhere and needed to re-analyze them again
  2. When I replaced my local folder on my iPad with the latest master library from iCloud, some of my cue points got lost and I had to re-analyze some of the files. Even if it’s the same file with the same file name in the same folder.

Is there a better way to have access to the same library from multiple devices?

Many thanks

P.S. Bonus question: Is there a way to copy the mp3 files onto my USB stick so that a Pioneer CDJ would be able to access the cue points?

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