How to cue or pre-listen looper function (on iOs)

Does anyone know of a way to cue or pre listen to looper sounds before they play live?

I am using Beatpad 2 and I like using the looper; however I have not figured out a way to listen to the sound BEFORE it plays live to the audience.

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I’ve been asking for this for a while. As far as I know this is only possible using External Mixer mode with a compatible mixer. I would really like to see Algoriddim add a pre-cue Toggle function for the Looper Audio to send the audio signal to the Headphones OR the Master Out. :pray: :pray: :pray:

Thanks for this. I really do not see the value of having the looper without this simple ability to cue the sounds.
What is an example of a “compatible mixer” as per your response?

Sorry, I don’t know which external mixers this feature works with. Maybe someone at Algoriddim can suggest something? Also it looks like they reopened my original request regarding pre-cueing the Looper audio in the headphones so you can head over there and cast your vote to make this happen.

Hi All,

Thanks for referring @nicolaou94 to the correct Suggestions thread for the request to add a Looper pre-cueing option, @Slak_Jaw. We appreciate your suggestions and we’ve pushed this request again internally. We’ll continue to track the request and further interest from our Community for this in the other thread.

@nicolaou94 regarding an example of an external mixer you could use with djay Pro AI for iOS in external mixer mode, which would then allow you to route the Looper to one of the channels on the mixer, one that we’ve used successfully for this is the Allen & Heath Xone:96. But in general, any mixer that is class compliant on iOS and that has enough channels to assign could be used in this way as a current workaround.

I hope that’s helpful, and please let me know if you have any other questions.

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Thank you very much for your response. Unfortunately all mixers I own are 2 channel, so this won’t work for me. I really do hope that feature is added in the future to make the most of the looper function. For me I will continue to use Traktor Remix sets (with PC and controller) then until this feature is added here and I will make the full switch to Algoriddim Dejay Pro then. Thank you for the help.

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