How to fix when the auto beat finder is off?

How do you correct the beat match when djay 2 is displaced. Example: Glad to know you by chas jankel. The tempo is correct… Mostly, but the down beat is not… And since is an old song, the players make mistakes and the tempo start to slide.
Can I go to the measure n and correct where that measure begins, stretching the previous measures and sliding the ones after?

+1 on this. Have the same issue with many songs. Would be great to manually shift then entire grid by manually dragging the grid up or down to place it correctly.

Honestly you had a perfectly working analysis in DJay 1, why introduce these “new features” if they don’t even allow you to beatmatch effectively?

I’d much rather have a paid update for DJay 1 that just introduces album art next to all song names and the very nifty Queue playlist system.

Please… do this

It’s been some time since I’ve used DJay, specifically because of this issue. Can anyone shed light on if it was ever fixed?

To adjust the down beat, enter waveform mode by tapping the waveform icon underneath the record button, then tap the edit (pencil) icon at the bottom of the waveform to bring up the edit popover.

Now wait until the first beat in a bar is played (the “1”) and press the “SET” button in the popover.

Thanks for all the feedback, we’re looking into the issue.

djay internally uses a double-resolution beat grid, so it’s possible to set the down beat in the middle between two beat lines. This allows you to correct beat grids that are shifted by 1/2 beat.

There is currently no way to edit the beat grid itself other than changing the down beat using the “SET” button in the Beat Grid menu. As said, we’re looking into this.

Hi Everyone,

We just released an update djay 2.6 for iPad and iPhone containing a new feature to manually set the grid at another position. The track will then get re-analyzed with the help of the newly set downbeat.

Usage (in waveforms mode):

  1. Pause the song
  2. Move the play cursor to the desired position
  3. Tap the pen icon and select “Set Grid”

We’d appreciate your feedback on this feature and the update in general.

DJ Jammin Mike, how many times are you going to post the same thing…?

We get it. No need to post the same thing 100 times!

No, how about posting it once… You won’t get an answer anyway because support is only on the forums once a month or so. It’s terrible support.

My snotty comment is equal to you posting the SAME THING three times!

Great, I will post the exact same question on every post I see that is relevant. That makes a ton of sense.

Or CONTACT SUPPORT DIRECTLY instead of clogging up the forum with your copy and paste.

See ya!

Hmm, so I just found another track where the beat grid was incorrect, but using the Set feature managed to correct it! Not just move the yellow bar to a grey bar (to set the first beat of a bar), but it actually shifted the yellow line to a beat that previously didn’t have a grid line over it!

This is what I think should happen on all tracks that have this problem.

The track was Blu Mar Ten - “Sweet Little Supernova”.

I’ve just reset the grid and done it again, so it’s repeatable on this track :slight_smile:

Just tried it on another track, Q Project - “Slowly But Surely” and while it will do the same sort of thing, it jumps to the wrong beat rather than the one I want (either the beat before it, or the beat after it). JUST LET ME SET THE BEAT I WANT lol

OK, sorry for all the edits, but I just tried another track that was misbehaving… BCee & S.P.Y. - “Anybody Out There (Friction & K-Tee Remix)”. I couldn’t set the yellow line to the correct beat, but I kept trying the same beat on each bar further along the track and then BAZINGA, it worked! So it seems like there’s something tricky going on behind the covers and it’ll only let you set the yellow line when it’s happy for you to do so! More updates at 11.

Right, this is starting to confuse me now! The grid that I thought I’d fixed on the Blu Mar Ten track actually isn’t fixed for the duration of the song. Looks like the grid doesn’t stay constant once you’ve got it right and the app changes the grid depending on what it has analysed is happening in the song.

Maybe I’m just too used to Traktor on the Mac, but on that, once you set your grid up, it stays locked. OK, if the song changes tempo or gets a bit ectopic half way through, then it’s not going to stay in sync, but that’s the song’s fault, not the grid.

Maybe it needs to be higher resolution then… 1/4, 1/8 or 1/16?

Any news please Anders?

It’s a real shame that this hasn’t been fixed or improved since launch.

Seems that they don’t care about DJs with less mainstream music tastes.

I’m happy to beatmatch by ear, but I paid for software with this feature, so expect it to work properly or at least be flexible enough to allow the DJ to manually edit the grid themselves.

It’s a shame Traktor doesn’t work with the iDJ Pro!

This is fantastic news, thank you!

Yeah, I have several songs where even when you edit the grid, the grid will not align with the correct beat and puts the line wherever it sees fit

I sent two files to Algoriddim when Djay 2 first came out and never heard anything back about a fix for it.

No, it has not been yet