How to restore missing tracks in Playlist?

I’m using Djay Pro AI on MacOS, and some of my tracks are stored in a different location due to a migration on another External Disk.
Those file are grayed on my playlists, and when i try to link those missing files on an attached Disk, Djay Pro asks me for a linking to a device who’s no more exists or just renamed

What i want, is just to find a way to correct the path to my new attached storage to retrieve these missing files on my playlists.
Any Idea?
Thanks for help

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We’re these playlist created in iTunes? If so,
Try to play one of those songs on iTunes (music) on your Mac.
Hopefully iTunes with tell you files is missing,
Locate file when prompt, and say yes to locate other missing files.
This works for me…Good luck

Thanks @LaidbackFred for your reply,
No, all my playlists was created on Djay Pro (i don’t use iTunes - Music- no more, it sucks). The problem is when i try to link missing tracks with Djay Pro AI, it asks me to gain access to Disks (names) that i don’t use anymore. I have migrated all my music to a new Attached Storage and the old one is name changed and used now for other stuffs than music. i have more than 1400 tracks with missed and i can’t link them one by one.

I hear you,
Know that I’ve been using iTunes since Djay 1.
It’s been good to me.
I create smart playlists on iTunes that always shows up on djay.
Djay’s library is sort of like iTunes.
iTunes has its share of issues, but trust me if your devices are newer, it’s like 10xs faster than the past. Well everything is.
When I change music from one device to another iTunes is good at locating songs.
Good luck.

Ok, suppose i will use iTunes from now on. How can i import my playlists from DJay to iTunes to correct them? Because i need to use my past playlists created on Djay to prepare a Big playlist for the Best of 2020 (real situation)

Sorry, I can’t help you there with playlist that were created on djay.
This info can help you if you so choose to use iTunes.

No problem @LaidbackFred :wink: :slight_smile:
I just wished that someone from the team @Algoriddim could analyse this request and give us a solution. I’m sure that a lot of users have the same issue. I hope that the team can show us just a clue or consider that as a bug or a fonction to include in a future Update of the software.
Have a nice Weekend.

I hear you,
The world is a different place right now.
Things are behind everywhere, It’ll come.
Stay safe

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There’s actually a brand new feature just added to djay Pro AI that should help… In the Library menu, select Relink missing files in My Library to find any tracks that might have moved.

Hi, @DanM and happy that you joined this topic
Sorry to tell you that, but this feature is very Weak. As you may have read on my thread, I have over 1400 missing files (du to a migration), and the only way Djay Pro offers is to find them 1 by 1 and know in advance where they are stored exactly. While, on other competing softwares, it suffices to indicate another disk or folder for it to scan it, to find the missing files even in sub folders.
Additionally, these missing files is a problem when looking for matching tracks that display files that cannot be played :wink: :slight_smile:

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With that said, in my case when I locate a song in iTunes with this same scenario, iTunes will ask if I’d like to find the rest of missing files…well of course you can!
Try it…create a playlist with 4 songs. move them, then pick one song iTunes will prompt

I know this possibility in iTunes but unfortunately, i don’t use this application for my Djing works. I had to restore 180 Playlists with about 10 songs in each one. So it’s not a solution for me. Otherwise, i’m sure and hope that Algoriddim can add a feature that allows to search and restore missing links in a hole disk or folders like Traktor or Serato do it for example. Because i Love Djay Pro as a A mixing software and don’t want to change for another.

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This is a recently added feature, so your feedback is appreciated and the team are continuing to look at it.

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