How to use an external usb/wireless drive with iPad for Djay app?

I have usb externals drives full of mp3 how can I access those files with the iPad? Can I use the photo kit that Apple sells for usb and sd cards?

I can fit 18000 songs on my 128GB iPad. Never have problems running out of music for my five hour sets.

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Djay 2 support for accessing wireless hard drives.

If this app was capable of accessing a wireless hdd like my patriot gauntlet node, this would be the game changer. It’s sad that a free app like file explorer, that I use, accesses my drive, and has an integrated music player! Support SMB.

if you have a jailbreaked iPad you can connect any usb external drive and access your files with a file manager app called iFile so, it is a way to do it if hackers made it already! please work a way if you want to see users using the iPad on a club!


the new djay app (2.5 i think) allows you to use your spotify account so you can access more music than the ipad can hold. i don’t like this for a few reasons:

  1. i refuse to use spotify as they don’t pay artists the royalties they should.
  2. streaming audio sounds like crap.
  3. wireless networks can be dodgy.
  4. djay app developers may never decide to make it possible to play music from a wifi drive within the app because they probably figure accessing spotify solves the problem of not having enough space on the ipad.
    *algoriddim pay attention now*
    there’s lots of music spotify doesn’t have and there’s lots of people who DJ who care about music quality and want the ability to use a wifi drive and not have to rely on the cloud.

As confirmed in TWIT: Spotify does pay very well to the record labels. The record labels are not paying the artists.

Please add support for seagage wireless plus



the solution is simple. Algoriddim pick a wireless hard drive, write code so that DJAY can read it, and we all go out and buy that drive.

For me, I don’t care what it costs. I have 600GB I would love to leave my macbook at home and use the iPad exclusively for DJ’ing

Regarding the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter, unfortunately it won’t allow developers to access USB hard drives. Class compliant sound cards should work just fine.

I’m trying it now!

I get an error message. Failed to launch Seagate Media. The document picker failed to launch (0). I have the app installed and it is connected to the drive. Any ideas?

Rebooting the iPad and I can see the drive! If this works I am hacking my seagate to 4TB.

It works but is a little klutzy. Five steps to load a track, you can’t see the metadata. I would have to re organize my entire library and abandon iTunes if I were to use this instead of syncing. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I think algoriddim quietly added this feature. What would be nice is an external program that you could run on the drive and it would maintain a database file so that the features and all track metadata would be visible to the main program.

iPad Pro 12.9 256GB. Wifi only

Hack complete! Seagate wireless is now 4TB. It doesn’t fit in the case but it works.

Now to copy all the data back and test!

The hack did not work. Although the drive works, there is too much data for the software to index. I am now looking into seagate my cloud drives that supposedly work with the iPad app