How To Use djay for iPad with a Seagate GoFlex Satellite Wireless Hard Drive

This is a video I posted on youtube. Sorry about the quality of the video, but following these steps will allow you to use an external hard drive with djay for the ipad. If you’re don’t like using the file downloader app I use, there are a few others available free on the itunes app store.

If we could just get Seagate to add an “Open In” option on their software, that would make it even easier and a file downloader app would not be necessary.…

I have one but can’t figure it out

Please add native support for some external storage.

Hey dan, thanx for the video!
When u do ur ipad dj work, do u use any external hardware with it? (For better gain and monitoring capabilities , as well as more tactile experience for playing)


With djay2 Version 2.7 from 23.11.2014 should work much more easier then before, right? They added ‘my files’ to pick from iCloud or any other cloud App like readdle documents. May someone confirm my very first testings?

has anyone try this external hdd with djay2 on ipad???…

I’m new at this situation and I try to find a way.i used to play music with vinyls,cd,laptop and now I try with an iPad mini(16gb)and a Griffin splitter cable!my problem is with the disc space that’s why I am looking for that solution!if you have already try this as you said …is there any way that djay2 sees the music at seagate just like the music in iPad?or with every track I have to do the loading procedure(find,click,download,open with,load at decks)?it reminds me a little the old days that I turning back and looking in my vinyls case for the next track!!!

thank you guys for your info/help!!!

Thanks Dan!

Hi Terre,

Thanks for your question.

You can always pre-load a playlist, but the idea of this is to be able to carry your entire collection and access it when that unexpected request comes along. I play a lot of private parties and I need things from the 50s right through to 2013. I keep a collection of about 5000 songs on my ipad, but the number of songs I take to any event is about 25,000.

Don’t forget, when the song is downloaded from the Seagate to the iPad, it’s stored in the “Media” section of the MyMedia app, not in the itunes library.


As for hardware, I use a Numark mixdeck Quad. No issues at all. I really have no experience using the iDJ pro, but if you can access the home screen and other apps without music interruption, you should be okay.

Hey, Thanks for the video. Since I posted my video earlier this year, I’ve switched to a different downloader that let’s me load songs to Djay in the same fashion as yours. Much easier w/o having to type the name of each song before loading. I was going to post another video using the new downloader, but your video takes care of that perfectly. Great job!


Nice to know some others out there are using this ‘solution’ and adding their thoughts and ideas. Very cool! I always intended this to be an emergency or last-resort type of approach. When I posted the original video, the 128GB iPad had just become available and I had already purchased the previous gen 64GB iPad along with the current-at-the-time 500GB Seagate. It would have been great to get the 128GB along with the newer 1TB Segate, but that’s how it goes.

I have been using the app iDownloads PLUS by Amad Marwat. I don’t use the Seagate app to download songs to the ipad because it, as you stated, does not have the “Open With” option. Not sure how, but try to find a previous version of iDownloads PLUS. The current version may have removed the “Open In” or “Open With” feature. This app will allow you to download any song from the Seagate wireless drive and open it in Djay-2.

Why can’t this be just accessed through the DJ app or VJ for karaoke. Moreover just stream it from your hard drive without downloading to your device?

Can you do this while using a iDJ Pro?

Yes it works well, just don’t accidentally play the music file in the downloader app, that sucks. Also if using the iDJ Pro, turn on screen orientation lock.

You have to do it the way in the video for every track, but you can download more than one at a time, but still have to switch back to hit open with

Another option, for 25 dollars a year, subscribe to iTunes match, then you can see all your songs in dJay 2, but would still have to download from the music app. Only issue is you need a real internet connection to do that.

I agree with everything you said, I have a 128GB iPad as well and that is where all the songs I anticipate using are. The GoFlex is for requests that I might not have on it or last minute changes.

With iTunes Match, I just use my 4G LTE iPhone as a hotspot if the wifi does not exist or is terrible. Or I grab my wife’s 32GB iPad which had LTE on it.

After u open the file on the seagate & dwnld it is it store on the HD of the ipad? If so why not just pre-load a playlist in the beginning?

Dan great video check out iDownloader APP less steps