How to Use the Algoriddim Community Forums

Welcome to the Algoriddim Community Forums!

This is a friendly, respectful, and helpful space for the djay community to connect and to share questions, ideas, tips, feedback, and anything else djay-related.

Please note that to ensure the majority of our community members are able to understand and participate in the forums, our Team responses will be given in English and we kindly request that you post in English as well.

To learn more about the features of the forum and how everything works, read on!


  1. Topic
    This is a forum thread, or a collection of messages grouped together which include a title, are listed in a category, begin with an Original Post (OP), and include all responses in chronological order. You can think of it like a conversation. For example, the topic of this page is the conversation started here with this OP “How to use the Algoriddim Community Forums”.
  2. Post
    A post is a contribution to a topic, such as a reply or a comment. You can think of each post as someone participating in the conversation. For example, you are reading the first post in the topic “How to use the Algoriddim Community Forums”.
  3. Category
    This is the primary means of organizing topics in the Forums. Each topic is placed in exactly one category. For example, the category of this post is “General Discussion”.
  4. Tag
    This is a marker placed on a topic to describe it. A topic may have more than one tag. For example, a topic may include the tags “iOS” and “Mac” if the subject of the conversation applies to both of these platforms.
  5. Editor Panel
    This is the section where you type and preview your post; it will pop up at the bottom of the screen when you click the “Reply” button on a post.

Navigating the Forum

Topic Lists

The Algoriddim Community Forums homepage will show a list of all Categories by default, but you can easily filter the view based on the following:

  • By Latest: In the menu line, click on “Latest” to show the most recent topics you’ve viewed or participated in.

  • By Top: In the menu line, click on “Top” to show the conversation topics listed in order of most activity (views and replies) for a specific time period. You can choose the time period you’d like to see topics from by using the drop-down menu at the top of the page (e.g., today, week, month, all time, etc.).

  • By New: Click on “New” in the menu line to show any new topics created in the last few days. New topics show a small yellow dot next to the topic title.

  • By Unread: Click on “Unread” in the menu line to show any topics that you’ve read previously and that have new posts/replies added to them. Unread topics show a number in a yellow circle indicating how many posts are in the topic.

Participation Information

The box at the bottom of the OP tells you the following: who created the topic and when, how many replies, views, users, and likes this topic has received to date, and a display of the most frequent posters’ avatars in this topic.

Search, Main Menu, and User Profile

To access the search function in the Forums, the main menu of forum options, or your user profile, use the icon buttons at the upper right:

Upper Icons

Posting in the Forums

Before you post a new topic, use the search function to see if anyone else has already posted about the subject you’re interested in. You may find the answer is already waiting for you in the forums!

If it’s not, please do not post on someone else’s topic if you have a different question/problem or if they have already marked their topic/question as solved. Start a new topic instead.

Creating a New Topic

You can create a new topic by clicking on the “New Topic” button here:

This will open the Editor Panel where you can complete all necessary fields, such as the Title, Category, Tags, and the message you’d like to post in the forum.

Please keep in mind when you are creating a new topic, provide as much detail as you can in the title. The more detail you can include, the easier it will be for community members to understand quickly what the subject is in order to potentially help you out or contribute to your topic. For example, a title such as “Please help me” or “ Why isn’t this working” doesn’t give any specific information for what the poster might need help with; a better title would be something like “Can’t connect Pioneer DDJ-200 to djay Pro on my PC”.


To contribute to a discussion or to answer a question, click the “Reply” button on either a post or at the bottom of the topic. This will open the Editor Panel on the bottom of the screen, where you can compose your message on the left side. The right side will give you a preview of how your post will appear to everyone else.

If you’d like to quote someone in your reply, just select the text you wish to quote, then click on the “Quote” box that automatically appears above the text. This will open the Editor Panel with the quoted text inserted into the message for you to reply to:

To notify someone about your reply, you can mention their name. Type @ to select a username from an autocomplete pop-up menu, or type the full name you wish to notify.

Actions and Reactions

There are action buttons at the bottom of each post in a topic:


  • Heart - let someone know you enjoyed and appreciated their post by using the “like” button.
  • Link - get a permalink link to any reply or topic using this button.
  • Flag - privately let the author or the site staff know about a problem.
  • Pencil - allows you to edit your own posts.
  • Bookmark - save this post as a bookmark to your profile page so you can find it later on.

Cast Your Vote

In some categories, such as Suggestions, you will find the option available to vote on a topic. If this is a topic you feel strongly about as well, you can add your vote. Keep in mind, you only have up to a total of 10 votes you can use… so use your votes wisely! The number of votes you have to use is based on your current Trust Level in the Forums. For more details, see How Voting Works in the Community Forums.

Mark as Solved

If you solve your issue or get an answer to your question, or another community member provides a solution/answer, please post this information to your topic so others who have the same issue or question can also benefit from this community space. You can mark a post as the “Solution” by clicking this option at the bottom of a post:

Explore the Forums

While this How-to post will definitely get you started, there’s a lot more to discover. We invite you to click around and explore, see what different buttons do, and don’t worry about making any mistakes. It’s pretty hard to break anything around here!

If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, please reach out to our Support Team. Again, welcome to the Algoriddim Community Forums - we’re excited to have many great discussions here with you!