How will upgrades to Djay Pro 2 work?


I currently have Djay Pro in the UK.

When will we get the Djay Pro 2 upgrade?
Will we have to pay for it?

Many Thanks!

Yes, I just purchased the software a few months ago. A discount for existing licence owners would just be good customer service.

Yes, what a fantastic upgrade! Thanks for your creative work, you folks at Algoriddim!

How can I get this discount ? Is 43 € the reduced price ?

Maybe I should have phrased it:

“How much will it cost existing customers?”

That’s better

the new automix alone is worth it

AND!! Name any other dj software that does this AND has it for iOS. NONE

Can’t wait for Djay Pro 2 for iOS, iPad Pro? Insane

Yes, and your phone.
You can create a playlist on your iPad or Mac.
Set that playlist to automix on your phone on your commute for research.

Go to the app sore

I spent £50 just eight weeks ago - and now I would need to pay another £40 to get the newer version.

How do you access the discount for existing users?

They gave a 20% discount for existing users.

It will cost existing users $39.99 on the App store, that’s including the 20% discount.


I have zero say but it seems fair if someone paid full pop in the last 6 months maybe a year that algoriddim could throw them a bone. With that said I like the software enough that a few bucks for continued development seems reasonable.

The Upgrade costs for all customers the same. I had to pay 43 €
I just purchased the new version and believe me: It is worth every Cent.

There are so many additional features and the automix AI is really incredible.

I think it depends on what kind of DJ you are. If you want to play DVS or mainly as a club DJ I do not believe that DJay Pro 2 is the software of choice for you. But if you are a mobile DJ like me, all the features in DJay Pro 2 are great. The Spotify integration is a very important feature for being able to fullfill requests of the guests that are not in your library.

Now in DJay Pro 2 with the added features for my own playlists, names for hotcues, loops, an incredible AI for automix, Match this software gets on step closer to professional software like Serato.

Correct this is something I forgot: I use DJay Pro on my iPad as well and synchronize the hotcues via iCloud. This is so amazing.

Can someone let us know if it will be with a discount or maybe free of charge updgrade to day pro 2 ?