I need a tutorial for djay Pro for Windows

I saw this question asked 3 years ago with no answers. Is there a tutorial anywhere for djay pro for windows? I’m totally new and just trying to learn basic operations of the software. I have music I purchased from iTunes downloaded onto my laptop. I’d like to be able to load several songs in the order I want then have them automatically play.

If all you want is a playlist, you can do that in iTunes.

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Hi @NewandConfused,

Thanks for sharing your post in our community!

It looks like we might have an open Zendesk ticket with you regarding the same topic at the moment. I will reach out to you via Discourse’s direct messaging service to confirm.

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a nice day!

Yes…I did create a ticket for this. I didn’t know if the 2 were linked or not.


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Hello there… Can I get in on this tutorial as well ??
I’m new to DJay Pro (coming from Serato and VDJ)
And I have SOOO many questions and had no luck finding the user manual

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It seems strange , but there’s no manual for the Windows version.

All the other versions have a manual. This is just one example of the differences between DJay versions on the various platforms. Often you’ll find functionality missing from one version, that’s present in the other.

As far as I know, no other competing DJ software has this issue.

Phil at Digital DJ Tips recently mentioned this in a live stream. Algoriddim love confusing customers.

For example, on Mac it’s possible to edit tags in your tracks. Windows version? Not possible.

Here’s a link for the manual.

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OK that’s a start - but it’s an old manual, as there’s no mention of the new features like Fluid Beatgrid™

Why is this not on the help/support page (even if it is out of date)?

I can’t answer that question. This was given to me when I created a ticket asking for a tutorial. I found it very helpful, though I agree a newer version would be nice. I was told they are working on one.

It was a question for the staff really.

does anyone know of any of YouTube or maybe elsewhere??

I notice there’s a link to a manual now for the Windows version on the support page. Hurrah!

It’s still not for the current version of the software though. Boo!

Yeah I saw that, but like you said, it’s still not the current version.
Although I did find one

but sadly I don’t understand Italian :slightly_frowning_face:

You could enable the subtitles…

I stand corrected, I missed the translate button :man_facepalming: