iCloud not syncing

I was sitting around at the airport the other day and set hot cues on dozens of songs in my free time on my iphone. I pulled up my songs on both my ipad and macbook and none of them appear. I think the iphone device is not uploading. Is there a way to force it to upload?

additional information:
-They are all soundcloud songs
-All devices say “last synced with icloud [0 or 1 minutes ago]”
-one of the songs I added some cues weeks ago but changed yesterday and the old ones appears on the macbook and ipad
-all software was purchased through apple app store
-updated all devices to most current version today

Hi @ryk654,

Sorry to hear about this issue with iCloud not syncing across your devices. So we can take a closer look, could you please tell me the following:

  1. What devices are you currently using?
  2. What macOS and iOS versions are you currently running?
  3. What version of djay Pro 2 and djay for iOS are you currently using?
  4. Does this only occur with SoundCloud songs, or also with other sections of the music library as well (e.g., local files)?
  5. Have you already tried the troubleshooting steps in our FAQ here: How can I enable iCloud syncing?

Thanks in advance for the additional information.

I’m having the same problem. My cue points and loops not syncing across my devices. Ever since that I.A. Update.

I’m running Djay on iPad Pro, iPhone Xs, and Macbook Pro. All have the most recent iOS/MacOS updates. All have the most current version of Djay from the App Store as of today. I’ve tried SoundCloud, and songs off the native music app both.

Another thing I noticed is the recent sessions are showing up for the last week or two across devices. Cue points and older session history do sync up across all devices.

I tried every troubleshooting step except reset all settings. It seems like Djay is connected to iCloud because it says in the settings it just synced, however the devices aren’t using the information from iCloud.

Same thing happening to me. Even worse, when trying to debug this, I deleted djay from my iPad and reinstalled. After reinstallation, my newly set cue points were lost! It was only five tracks so the damage was limited but I was still disappointed. So it seems something is seriously amiss here.

Specs: I’m using djay 3.5.4 on a 6th-gen iPad running iOS 13.6.1.

Thanks a lot for all of your feedback about this, including the specifics of your individual setups. I’ve passed all of this information to our development team to investigate and I’ll post here again when I have an update.

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.


I’m also having the same problem between iPhone and iPad running latest DJay versions and with latest iOS.

Same here, cue points and loops not syncing from Mac to iPad or vice versa since a few days.


Thank you all for pointing this out. Could you also please share the Music Source / Streaming Service you are using? That would help us a lot.

I’m not using any streaming service using iTunes library my own music.

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Both itunes library and SoundCloud streaming are having the same sync problem.

The problem may be only on the iOS side of things. I have multiple iOS devices but only one MacOS. The iOS versions definitely aren’t syncing to each other or the Mac, but if I had 2 Macs they might sync to each other.

@Lukas_E feel free to contact me directly if I can provide any specific examples to help find a solution

I am using iTunes mp3 on iMac and iPad and iPhone, this worked stable for 2 years or more and is broken now since latest updates in August.

Related tests:

Separate MacBook with Djay Pro and file system mp3 access to same songs also not syncing cue points. So, it’s not limited to iTunes or iOS.

iCloud syncing in general is working fine though e.g. with Pixelmator Mac/IPad.

All iOS macOS and djay on latest SW versions.

Just let us rollback to the previous version.
I don’t need that AI Version.

Using local files only, synced via iTunes Match.

I am using an iPadPro12 with IOS14 and a macbook13 with Catalina 10.15.6. Bought both apps a few days ago to have 2 devices synced. Not kidding. For daily operation my macbook and for editing hotcues while being on the road OR my macbook is crashed I have my iPad available. I am not able to sync ANY hotcues. I have tested:

  1. Tidal
  2. Spotify
  3. Copying files 1:1 from my Macbook into Files on the ipad (same Folderstructure, no update on names, etc.)

No sync from Macbook to iPad, no sync from iPad to iPhone, no iPad to MAc.

icloud is working proper, on all 3 devices accoring your tutorial you have on your website.

Any news or ideas on this topic?

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Update: no changes after Djay iOS macOS updates this week. @Algoriddim can you already share if the cause for this bug is understood and when we ll get a fix?

New update. Same problem no syncing and latency problems and crashing.

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Dear Support Team: I am wondering, that there is no feedback. Nothing. In terms of: hey guys, we took notice of your post. Nothing.

I don´t expect a solution within 24 hours but a short feedback would give us a way better feeling then what we have right now. Finally, I bought some tools (went away from Serato) to save time, and become more flexible and the stuff is not working.

…Dear support Team: give us a sign. Please!

Hey Everyone,

Thanks again for all of the information you’ve provided. Our development team is still investigating this issue and I’ll post here again when I have an update. Thanks in advance for your patience!