iCloud sync all the things! Beat Grid, BPM, Settings, Midi Device Bindings

The thing that bothers me the most is that Algoriddim does not communicate anything about this ongoing issue. Why is that? Total radio silence…

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Perhaps this isn’t as easy as it sounds. I get it that some people are getting impatient, but leaving 1 star reviews because of a requested feature not being implemented fast enough…

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This has been requested for 3 years, so hardly impatient.

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Although I don’t believe the app deserves 1 star I do share your disappointment as this is a basic feature that has not been implemented for 3 years.

If you want to use an iPad for one session and a computer for another you will not have the same information on both devices even though the sync has been done.

It is incredibly frustrating to have to constantly change beatgrid information across a number of devices even though the music is the same library every time new tracks are added.

When you see that other apps can save this information, not only across devices but also across drives such as usb, which just plug & play you see that there is a fundamental and necessary element to a Pro application that is missing here.

Perhaps further down the line if this has not been addressed I will probably have to rethink my review…

ALSO, it says the topic will close in 7 days.

They usually stay live for a year after the last reply. So not sure why there doing that???

I’ll paste this topic in another yet another beatgrid request topic.

They’ve probably got it already lined up for release. :wink:

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1 day to go before this topic gets locked.

The issues have still not been fixed.

It’s been 3 years.

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Weird. Maybe it helps if I as the thread opener post again?


@NathanielAlgo can you please keep this topic open or reopen it if it’s closed by the time you’re reading this?


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Thanks @Anders for reopening this topic! :heart:


They’re beta testing windows atm so hopefully this feature will be included very soon.

Since I go from my Mac Mini in my home studio to my Laptop/Tablet on the road … I vote for full cloud sync properties:

  • Beat Grids
  • BPMs
  • Midi Device Bindings
  • All Settings
  • History of Sessions “DJ Sets”

This would help me greatly and more efficient. Now I just have to do some copying or export to csv file.


If I could sync beatgrids/bpm etc I would stop using Serato entirely. I’ve djed gigs with nothing but my turntables+numark scratch and a phone and it was glorious…but I super don’t have time to be re-beatgridding stuff more than once. I play a lot of Jungle, Drum & Bass, Hardcore etc and the beatgrid usually isn’t quite right at first. For 4x4 stuff, housier stuff it’s usually dead on, but I’m not playing a lot of that these days…

If I only had one wish, that would be my choice.

Without beatgrid sync I cannot use DJ Pro as I want to, period. I need true multi device sync. please lets have a response from Algoriddim here. This limitation is a killer for me and many! in what is otherwise possibly the most advanced DJing solution out there…thanks!

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I transferred the backup from my iPhone to my Mac. I think we have beatgrid saving :crossed_fingers:


Niiiiice, thanks for sharing! :clap:

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