iCloud Sync not working on DJAY 5.0??

I followed this article https://help.algoriddim.com/hc/en-us/articles/360014702832-How-do-I-enable-iCloud-syncing-on-iOS-and-macOS-

I have a subscription and am logged in on iPad and Desktop with the same email. I purchased desktop app thru the app store.

I am adding cue point on songs in my collection and then loading a new song to trigger iCloud sync.

Both iPad and Desktop versions of DJAY are enabled for syncing.
Adding a cue point updates the sync’d time on the iPad but not on my mac desktop version.
Opening the desktop app does update iCloud sync date but does not sync anything from my iPad.

Can’t see what am doing wrong here, but cannot get any syncing to work.

I have the same issue! This was working without issue before 5.0 was released, now I cannot get cue points to sync between devices.

Please help!


Thanks for sharing @Joe_Littler and @rishi. I have forwarded this to the engineering team for review. I’ll report back here if they’re able to recreate the issue on their end and have any suggestions.

I will +1 this issue

It says iCloud is active on both my Mac and iPad, but no sync since updating.

I did analyse all tracks again (as there’s improved beat gridding since the update), could that have affected anything?

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+1 I have tried restarting devices. iCloud status suggests all synched but cue points and loops are not. Is there a way of forcing the sync to work until there is a fix? Thx

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@rishi @Joe_Littler @DanJ0322 @Basoak, I spoke with the engineering team and they have fixed this on the backend. Please make sure you are running the latest djay version 5.0.1. Also close djay, restart your device and launch djay again. This should solve the issue. Thanks!

Thank you. I can confirm this is now working. I appreciate the quick turnaround!


You’re welcome! That’s great to hear. Thanks for letting me know @Joe_Littler


Working my side too.

I was’t expecting to receive a response, great to see this kind of service, keep up the good work.


Great to hear @DanJ0322, thanks for letting me know!

yeah thanks. Seems to be working now.
note: it did require a device restart for me. first time i did it before restart and it didn’t seem to be syncing.

Thanks for letting me know @rishi

Thanks for sorting it so quickly! You exceeded my expectations! :+1:

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You’re welcome @Basoak


I am running Djay 5.0.2 on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS and synching between iOS and iPadOS is flawless but macOS synching is iffy. The iCloud sync status often says there is an http 503 error, and other times it says that it is Active. All devices are on the same WiFi/internet and using the latest OS releases.

If you make a cue point change in macOS, it shows up nearly instantaneously in iOS/iPadOS, but not in the other direction. I need to reload the song in macOS to see the changes. I have waited for a few minutes and it does not update - I need to reload the track to see changes. Whereas if I change/add a cuepoint in iOS/iPadOS, it shows up immediately on the other device without having to reload the song. (Kind of like working collaboratively in cloud documents.)

Question…does the BPM supposed to sync as well? I have a track that I halved the BPM. Djay reads it at 150 bpm but I prefer the 75bpm. Is there a way to sync BPM as well as cue points, loops, etc…?

I’m not getting any syncing across any of my devices iMac, iPad, iPhone, I have followed every step but nothing syncs, the cloud shows active on all devices but nothing

Make sure you are running the latest djay version 5.0.1.
That seemed to fix it for others including me.

I have 5.02 on my iMac and iPad but nothing syncs, my account says active and recently updated on both

@DJ_A_Diffrance BPM and beatgrids are not synched with iCloud sync.